I speak of The Armageddon Code: One Journalist’s Quest for End-Times Answers, by Billy Hallowell.

How do I know it isn’t all about sensationalist nonsense?  Because I was interviewed at length for it.

Billy Hallowell is a writer for The Blaze and one of the Church Boys’ podcast voices. He interviewed me months ago for this book — an attempt at presenting lots of perspectives on end times topics so readers don’t get just one party line. Billy is trying to present the reality that there’s an awful lot of disagreement in the evangelical world when it comes to end times, and a lot to think about.  In other words, no view is self-evident 9read: “biblical”).

My role is predictable for all of you who follow this blog:  I’m the friendly, curmudgeonly stick-in-the-mud, encouraging readers to take the certainty of so-called prophecy experts with a grain of salt. Truth be told, Billy was appreciative. That said, I obviously don’t know precisely how much of my input is in the book, though I have read excerpts. I don’t expect I’m the only biblical scholar interviewed for it. (I sure hope not). But at least it isn’t just one more book telling us all “what the Bible says” about end times.

The book can be pre-ordered on Amazon. It launches on May 3.