The Brave Reviews website is high-traffic book review site that features “Unbiased Reviews of Relevant Christian Media.” A short time ago they (Jason) reviewed The Facade. Today the review for The Portent was posted. I appreciate the time spent on my books and the enthusiastic reviews. If you haven’t read my novels yet, I hope that what Brave Reviews says will encourage you to do so!

Jason is correct in his first (Facade) review — at its core, my fiction is about presuppositions that underlie what we believe (about all sorts of things). The novels are also about providence, redemption, and prompting readers to think about what they would do if (and perhaps when) the world as they know it starts collapsing around them. My novels aren’t preachy, shallow, or cartoonish. The (positive) characters are normal people. They all have insecurities, hang-ups, and less-than-desirable pasts that have led them to value the authentic over the counterfeit. They’re committed to each other in the face of circumstances that are not only about life and death, but unbelief and faith. That they’re handed an impossible burden against an uncompromising evil is no reason not to try and do the right thing, whatever the consequences.