I came across some older stuff on Carl Baugh this evening and was startled to discover that, after 300+ posts on this blog, I’d never blogged anything about him. Time to fix that.

Carl Baugh is the young earth creationist who claimed to have discovered human footprints amid dinosaur footprints near the Paluxy River in Texas (see the picture below by Glen Kuban).  The problem is that Dr. Baugh’s doctorate is in Education and it came from a recognized Christian degree mill. Now, I don’t want to cast aspersions on creationism (young or old) since I personally know many highly-credentialed creationists with PhDs in genetics, physics, botany, geology, and biology. What bugs me is pseudo-credentialed attention seekers doing shoddy or dishonest work in the name of faith. I can’t think of many things more counter-productive.

Baugh’s Paluxy River bed “find” has long been debunked. But worse than that, the young earth creationist organization Answers in Genesis has even condemned his work. Ouch.