What’s fair is fair. Sanctified paleobabble is still paleobabble.

The excellent Evangelical Textual Criticism blog posted this back in February: “Debunking Silly Statements about the Bible.”

Most of the items are examples of claims that over-extend the data. That sort of thing is all too common.

Keep in mind the ETC blog is produced by professional textual critics who have a very high view of Scripture. They just know the data and want people to be honest with it.

From the ETC blog “About” page:

. . . [T]he Evangelical Textual Criticism blog aims to provide a forum for people with knowledge of the Bible in its original languages to discuss its manuscripts and textual history from the perspective of historic evangelical theology. For discussion on what Evangelical textual criticism means, see here.

The membership of this blog is made up of evangelicals involved in academic study of textual criticism. . . . Those applying for membership must indicate that they have read either the OT or the NT in its original language(s), should be actively involved in text-critical research, and should be already contributing to the blog through comments. They should give e-mail details of an academic and a pastoral referee, a summary of their academic and/or ministry involvement, a statement of their doctrinal commitment (which may be by reference to various classic evangelical statements of faith, e.g. 39 Articles, Westminster Confession), and an indication of their area of interest within textual criticism.