Readers recall that, back in 1996, the peer-reviewed journal Psychological Inquiry devoted an entire issue to discussing alien abduction. The second article (posted a few weeks ago), agreed with the first one by Newman and Baumeister with respect to the notion that abductions are false memories. It disagreed as to the notion that these false memories were masochistic to attempts to escape the self. Here’s the third paper from the issue of Psychological Inquiry.

3. The Ordinary Nature of Alien Abduction Memories. By: Banaji, Mahzarin R.; Kihlstrom, John F.. Psychological Inquiry, 1996, Vol. 7 Issue 2, p132, 4p; Abstract Presents comments on the article ‘Toward an Explanation of the UFO Abduction Phenomenon: Hypnotic Elaboration, Extraterrestrial Sadomasochism, and Spurious Memories,’ by Leonard S. Newman and Roy F. Baumeister, which appeared in the April 1996 issue of the journal ‘Psychological Inquiry.’ Psychological explanation of UFO abduction experiences in terms of both cognitive and motivational processes.