News is circulating to about the alleged discovery of prehistoric cave paintings that show a remarkably clear UFO type craft and an alien.  I saw the news via the UFO Mystics blog. The description has the stink of hoax about it. Here are some oddities that would *not* be omitted information if this was a real archaeological project and find.

1.  The story is purportedly published in the “Rajasthan Times”.  I guess Google’s never heard of it. There *is* a place called Rajasthan about which some stories in the Times of India can be found by Googling. Ooops. Feels reputable already.

2. “Team of archaeologists” – From where? What university? What project group? Why is this team not identified in any way? Real digs don’t fear identification. In fact they’d want it (can you say “funding”?).

3. Why is there only one photograph, and that completely lacking any visual context?

4. Given the “amazing” skill of the primitive artists, I wonder why they were incapable of drawing the items to scale? The “alien” is so much larger than the “UFO.”  Why not draw a big UFO withe several smaller aliens so that they could fit in it? Oh, maybe they were so overwhelmed by the experience they couldn’t manage this.

5. The item at the top is described as a wormhole.  Uh, they’re in deep space and aren’t visible to the human eye. Oh, I know — the aliens told the primitives what they looked like. Too bad that wormholes are nothing but MATH. We *give* them such a shape because of the way they are theoretically and mathematically *thought* to be structured. In fact, they’d be so huge that they couldn’t be seen by anyone’s eye. Maybe the cave also has the vestiges of the equations the aliens taught them.

6. Oh, and the prehistoric people even drew us a tractor beam designed to suck something toward the craft. Or maybe its a vapor trail. I love both possibilities. You of course could not see a tractor beam, as it’s gravity modification, and gravity is invisible (even to enlightened primitive people). And the vapor trail would mean the craft *isn’t* powered by gravity modification (the only way interstellar space travel is possible because of the speed of light, wormholes or not). There’s that wonderful internal combustion engine powering aliens through space again! Love it.

7. And let’s not forget the “local archaeologist” who has seen the pictures himself. He’s the only thing that fits. No degree, no professional affiliation, no credentials of any kind. Google his name — strange how it only shows up in other reports of the same story.

Yeah, this stinks to high heaven . . . or maybe the nearest wormhole. And people make fun of Christianity for “lack of historical evidence.” Good grief. I don’t have enough faith for this sort of twaddle. This, as so many stories that have preceded it, will wind up in the dustbin of ancient astronaut chicanery.