I recently posted a list of news items that have appeared since The Portent launched — all of which factor into the plotline of that novel. But today its precursor, The Facade, deserves some attention.

Remember how HAARP factored into The Facade (weather modification)? Check this headline out:

Elite Think Tank Admits to Ongoing Climate Engineering Experiments

The launching point for the above point is the science published in the December 2014 issue of the prestigious Philosophical Transactions of Royal Society (A). Here’s the cover. It pretty much tells you all you need to know:


Here’s the table of contents.The science website phys.org also has a summary of some salient points of content.

Weather modification? As the essay I pointed you to initially notes, global elites have been discussing it for some time. In this regard, this excerpt again gives you a hint of the logic:

[The Royal Society’s] 2011 press release entitled “Who Decides?” is an overtly Orwellian exercise in problem-reaction-solution that, naturally, argues for a cabal of technocratic insiders to implement godlike power over the unwashed masses who are threatened both by their own ignorance as well as “rogue elements” that could hijack weather manipulation technology.

Mainstream outlet The Verge wound up echoing these supposed concerns in their 2013 article, “Weather wars: who should be allowed to engineer our climate?” which has the subtitle, “Geoengineering could be the silver bullet in fighting climate change — or the start of something even worse.”

You’re welcome.