Some of you know via other interactions that I’m currently teaching a four-week class at my church on interpreting prophecy. (Yes, I got talked into it).

This past Thursday was the first session. My goal throughout the four weeks will be to convince people that interpretations of prophecy are anything but self-evident. As readers of this blog know, prophecy is all about presuppositions brought to the text.

The topic was why you believe what you believe about the kingdom of God. For many, having little prior exposure to what’s really going on under the hood of biblical theology, it’s confusing.  But that’s good. It’s complicated. Popular books and teachers just don’t tell you a lot of things you need to think about, and basically don’t pull back the curtain so you can see that it’s about presumptions, not citing verses.  They want you to adopt their position.

Anyway, I thought I’d post the slides (you have to right-click and “Save As” for some reason) and this two-page summary of the issues for anyone interested.