[Updated 1/25/15]

Are you one of the folks who sent me notes in email about errors in the manuscript, or strongly (repeatedly!) encouraged the process?  I’m writing the Acknowledgements page now. I don’t want to miss anyone (though I could always add notice on the book’s companion website when it’s running). My email only goes back to 2008, so it’s possible someone could get overlooked. I’m trying to prevent that. Here’s your chance to help me and get mentioned in the Acknowledgements.

If your name appears below, I’ve (obviously) already noted you. If it doesn’t, shoot me an email in the next few days. I want to turn this in next week.

Names so far:

Mark Lutzow, Kevin Bucy, Tim Robinson, James Coke, Cathy Hawk, David Brewer, Brian Lopez, Cris Putnam, Ben Stanhope, Jonnathan Molina, Jeff Sievertson, Von Glitschka, Michael Krause, Kenneth Conklin, Keith Jentoft, Doug Overmyer, Anne Edsell, Russ White, Gearron Sublett, John D. Barry, Eli Evans, Rick Brannan, Vincent Setterholm, Carl Jacques, Corby Amos, Doug Van Dorn, Brian Godawa, Steve Runge, Carl Sanders, Stuart Whitaker, Sharon Shipwash, John Dunn, Ron Dupree, Dennis Linscomb, Paul DeSilva, Margo Houts, Justin Blystone, Greg Lyle, Marc Wilson, Jay Bradley, Amy Bradley, Jessica Tyson, Mike Adamo and Eric Joel Ortiz.

Other names will appear in the acknowledgements than those listed here (for other reasons).

I’ll also take this opportunity to give another heads up. Next month (or March at the latest) I’m going to ask this audience for two more things to help market the book:

(1) More emails of what the manuscript / divine council material has meant to you – how it’s challenged you to think or contributed to your spiritual life. I’ve asked for these before. Some will make it into the book, but everything will make it onto the companion website.

(2) I think it would be interesting to have people — especially those in ministry — do some video testimonials (webcam) about the content to encourage people to read it. I’d like to try it for the companion website. There’s been talk internally about doing that for marketing for the book’s own page on the publisher’s site. I say let’s give them some material.