I think I need to create a new category on the blog: “ET geeks with too much time on their hands.”

You have to read this Wired Science piece to believe it: “Romantic or Reckless? The Plan to Message Aliens with Twitter.” Here’s an excerpt:

As part of this year’s International Symposium on Electronic Art in New Mexico, Scott Kildall and Nathaniel Stern will spend 30 minutes capturing every tweet with the hashtag #tweetsinspace for later transmission into the (much) wider Twitterverse.

Using a radio transmitter in Florida, they plan to beam our messages to GJ667Cc, an exoplanet that might, just maybe, possibly, have the required attributes that would allow it to theoretically support life (as we know it). Four to six weeks after Friday’s event, the planet will move into alignment (just barely) with the transmitter. And that’s when Kildall and Stern, a multimedia artist and associate professor at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, will hit send.

Romantic? Reckless? How about “Ridiculous”?

Although I’d be pretty irritated if I got tens of thousands of tweets all at the same time. Maybe reckless it is.