I’m happy to announce that there are two new Kindle books available:

Notes on Leviticus from the Naked Bible Podcast ($0.99)

Notes on the Book of Acts from the Naked Bible Podcast ($0.99)

As you might guess from the titles, these are edited version of the transcripts from the episodes on the podcast series on Leviticus and Acts. Since the transcripts are available for free (by episode on the episode page), I had intended to make these free as well. But I’ve discovered Amazon Kindle doesn’t allow me to do that. Hence they are available for $0.99. Both books are over 200 pp., so it’s still a good deal. For those who want all of the material, edited for readability, in one place — and who have Kindle — here you go!  I won’t be making these available in print.

Thanks go to Spencer Robinson and Peter Rust for editing and preparing these!