I know a number of you have been wondering why I “assigned” the second PDF article, the one on folklore as a political tool of the Nazi regime. I wanted readers to think about how folklore or religion serves many purposes of a totalitarian regime. Indeed, the folklore created and fostered by the Nazis played a critical role in bending the will of the masses to cooperate with the goals and intellectual propaganda of the Nazis. I’ll try and explain the applications of this historical reality to the UFO / ET issue. It’ll take more than one post, too. This will likely be a small series. And, in so doing, I’ll be letting you in on my thinking about that this all means.

Let’s start with how the Nazis used their pseudo-science to build a mythology that would both fire and control the masses, as well as provide a rationale for the Nazi agenda in all its horror.

There were a number of ideological points to Nazi ideology that needed a supporting mythology – a metanarrative, so to speak, that gave it the ideology legitimacy:

  • Racism (especially anti-Semitism) and the belief in the superiority of the White, Germanic, Aryan or Nordic races.
  • Euthanasia and Eugenics with respect to “Racial Hygiene”
  • The rejection of democracy, along with its corollaries, the control of religion, the press, and the academy
  • The “leader principle” – faith / belief in the leader (or the inevitability of the master race producing ultimate leaders)
  • Social Darwinism
  • Collective identity (as opposed to individualism); everything was about the state

Let’s make some brief comments about these guiding ideas:

1. Racism, Eugenics, Racial Hygiene, Collective Identity – The myth in a master race meant not only that the German people could think of themselves as superior, but it created a binding, unified, transcendent identity to those who were included. It fostered collective identity. The folklore associated with the idea said that racial purification was a way to regain a lost, advanced humanity. The intellectual prowess and superiority of the ascended citizenry of this lost quasi-divine race was worth regaining for all the good it could do. The master race was the hope of humanity, and that ends justified many (really, ANY) means used in pursuit of recovering it. It was too important to fail, and inferior races that stood in the way and threatened purification had to be eliminated.

2. Social Darwinism and Rejection of Democracy – Naturally, those of more pure blood, closer to the folkloric / mythological master race were more advanced. This superiority naturally qualified them as the leaders, the enlightened elite who knew better than most, and whose duty it was to keep the unwashed masses in line while their numbers could grow (remember Himmler’s programs to have the SS membership matched with racially proper “breeder” women; cf. the book, Of Pure Blood). Eventually, inferior specimens could either be killed off or their flawed stock would be replaced generationally. But then again, you always needed the inferior around as worker bees. They certainly have no right or ability to rule those far more advanced and enlightened. And so what? It is survival of the fittest. And who could argue? Himmler believed that the original master race, now preserved in the Germanic stock, was fathered by extraterrestrials. That mythology in place, THIS race had a divine right to rule – and that right needed to be regained, asserted, and entrenched (ultimately, in a globalistic sense). Social Darwinism, of course, borrows and depends upon evolutionary biology. And if naturalistic Darwinism is indeed correct, humans are not “endowed by their creator with inalienable rights” – they have no inherent rights. They are animals like everything else – and the only “rightness” to be had is racial (biological) superiority, which also entail intellectual superiority when you’re talking about the high point, the hairless apes we call humans (see the book, From Darwin to Hitler: Evolutionary Ethics, Eugenics, and Racism in Germany).

3. The Leader Principle (or, the Master Dynastic Principle) – This amounts simply to faith in the race, and faith in the leaders produced by that race. And since the leaders, the enlightened elite, have as their goal a totalitarian utopia, where the elite truly rule (as is their right by heritage and ability), faith in the leader is entirely consistent with faith in the state – or whatever we want to call the larger collective that holds power.

How does all this apply to ufology? Actually, the better question is, How would an intelligent ET reality – or the perception of an ET reality, regardless of whether it was provable or not – affect humanity in the context of the human (governmental) thirst for power? One thing’s for sure – an ET reality isn’t going to rid humanity of the desire to have power over other humans. I would suggest that an ET reality or mere perception of it would be a very useful folkloric tool.

In the rest of this post, I want to take the above three groupings and see how this could work. But as a precursor, I want to unpack the “perception” phrasing I just used. Personally, I don’t think we need actual scientific proof of ET to have a global paradigm change in this area. I also don’t think we need a literal alien visitation that would be undeniable to the mainstream scientific and political communities of the world. I think all that’s needed for this shift is the suggestion, by mainstream science, politics, and media, that intelligent life had once existed elsewhere. This is easily obtainable. Given the propensity of the masses to believe that what is truth is what the media elite put in front of them (the “official” kinds of news sources), it would take only a NASA panel to interpret data in such a way. If NASA went on Larry King and said, “you know, Larry, we’ve found exactly the kind of microbial life on Mars that we know gave rise to higher life forms on earth, including intelligent life. We’re betting that there were genuine ETs on Mars at one time but that their civilization is long gone” that’s all it would take. The extrapolation would begin. The populace does that now at amazing numbers, despite lacking such “confirmation” as this. So what if this shift happened? Back to the usefulness of the ET myth.

Let’s go on one rabbit-trail for now.

It takes little imagination to realize that if it ever became widespread belief that intelligent ET life was actually for real, the assumed ETs would invariably be linked with human life. That has actually already been put forth in the form of undirected panspermia – the idea that life on earth (and life on other planets) was seeded from space by natural, random forces. You and I have already read this sort of thing in connection with the research being done on Mars. In fact, in the first two years of the newsletter I used to write (2002-2004), I personally collected over 200 articles (mostly popular) promoting the idea of panspermia and ET life (in whatever form) as a key to understanding the evolution of life on earth and/or human evolution. This is nothing new.

If the idea caught on with enough people – say, like global warming, so that it became part of school curricula – the result would be felt a number of ways. There would be a sense that we are all human, as opposed to non-human. People would feel it more acceptable to talk about the ETs that are still out there. Credence would be lent to the idea of ancient earth visitation. Commonalities in the genetics of humans and other life forms on earth would be interpretively sifted through the ET life grid (confusing correlation with causation).

This is all somewhat innocuous. But what of people who’d want to manipulate other people with such information? We already have “Indigo children” and those who suspect that they are the first wave of an advance in human evolution. Maybe their connection with space is stronger than most. Maybe the new information about our space connection was just what was needed to explain the Indigos. Or….even better, maybe it’s because enough people who “had more” of the space material in them intermarried so that certain characteristics are now becoming genetically dominant in succeeding generations. Recent media creations (like the series “Heroes”) suggests this trajectory, and it isn’t alone there. Hey, maybe there’s something to the idea of a superior race, and we’re just starting to see that the “ancient wisdom” has validity.

Now, of course, the genetically superior wouldn’t use that superiority to harm anyone – we’d need to study the new advanced stock so that it could be shared. Yes, we could make inferior people better through genetic engineering! (No matter how you slice it, it’s racial hygiene, but it sounds so…”technological” and clinical this way). Bear in mind at this point that I’m describing the “sane” version of these events. Naturally, the more convinced the masses became of an ET reality, the greater the likelihood that some would claim to be part of an ET lineage. Crazy…but what if that person had abilities no one else did (or an elite few)? Why, we “know” that the alien aspects of our DNA have been awakened all over the globe – maybe this fellow really does have some sort of concentrated form of that stock. Maybe that’s why he’s a super genius – and you know, we ought to listen to super geniuses since they’re rare. He could lead us on a more enlightened path. Our collective hope is to be led by him and be like him. He can show us the way. Or, we could at least find out what makes him tick now that the human genome is mapped, and then we can alter succeeding generations to vault our own evolution. Hmmm … Someone needs to be in charge of that, I’d guess.

Now, I know this sounds nutty – but don’t miss the point – I’m talking about MYTHOLOGY as a political tool. In Nazi Germany the folklore and myths propounded by the Nazi occultists were taught as fact (that actually began in the late 19th century). Their nonsense was the “established fact” of the academy during that time. Millions bought what we look at today as being pure absurdity. People will believe what they are told – as long as they are sufficiently under-educated or uneducated. Don’t get me started on that one. We have a culture (now) in the West that is bent on pleasuring and entertaining itself above all. I used to laugh when Jay Leno would go out on the street and talk to the average person about what you’d think is basic knowledge for anyone who is ambulatory. I don’t anymore. And the problem isn’t that there are so many people who can’t think critically (which is FAR different than technical aptitude), they don’t care. Apathy reigns alongside the longing to entertaining ourselves to death.

No, it wouldn’t take a whole lot to get huge throngs of people to believe in an idea that would redefine how we think of humanity. We’ll pick up on that in a bit.