In my third post summarizing religion scholar Christopher Partridge’s overview of UFO religions and abduction spiritualities, I noted the similarity between the ascended masters of occult Theosophy and the space aliens described by George Adamski.  In my closing paragraph I noted Partridge’s point that “Adamski’s ‘Space Brothers’ are not the almond-eyed aliens most commonly reported by contemporary contactees, but are rather ‘humanoid,’ resembling popular theosophical descriptions of the masters.1

That Adamski called the aliens he met “space brothers” is significant, for the ascended masters of theosophy are often referred to as “brothers” 2 The similarities between Adamski’s aliens and theosophy hardly end there. Readers can review some similarities in an earlier post, but I want to elaborate on the overlap between Adamski’s ETs and the ascended masters of occult theosophy here. The overlap is of note for more current ET contactee and abductee reports since Adamski’s description is quite similar to more recent abductees who claim to have met “Beta-Humanoids” or “Nordics.”

Like the ascended masters of Madame Blavatsky’s occult Theosophy, Adamski’s aliens are from Venus and, even more startlingly, Adamski calls them the “Lords of the Flame,” the precise title Blavatsky used in her theosophical writings on the ascended masters. Here are the words of Adamski:

The Venusians have scientific knowledge, spiritually scientific, which has not yet reached Earth. When man becomes a truly spiritual being, he too will discover the secrets of spiritual science. Some day visitors will come in Venusian bodies, bringing with them a great spiritual power as never before. . . . Venus is the ‘Home of the Gods’. From Venus in the year BC 18,617,841 came the first vehicle out of space to alight on our planet . . . A point was reached about eighteen million years ago, say the old teachings, when something resembling man had evolved; but it was mindless, for it was born from Earth alone . . . Evolution had gone so far but could go no farther until it received some tremendous stimulus outside the ordinary powers of Earth. And so from our nearest neighbor came the greatest of Venus, ‘the Sanat Kumara’, ‘Lord of the Flame’, the Spirit of the Venusian Logos Itself, whose memory is revered and held sacred in every ancient religion. From Venus, say the old teachings, came the elder brothers, the ‘Lords of the Flame’, the highly perfected humans from an older branch of the planetary family.3

As I noted in an earlier post, catholic theological reference works consider Theosophy incompatible with Christian (catholic) theism. So why does Monsignor Corrado Balducci say what he says?  There can only be two possibilities:  (1) he doesn’t know and so he has spoken out of turn and in innocent ignorance of these explicit parallels between what Adamski (and thousands of others more recent than Adamski) say they experienced in ET contact and theosophy; (2) he knows but doesn’t care, and so he is in some sort of rogue, rebel status to the Catholic church authorities, and so he doesn’t speak for anyone but himself.  He should just admit one or the other so people know.

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