I’ve been asked about the availability of the leader’s guides a lot lately, so here’s what I know:

Unseen Realm

The Q & A guide (referred to by me in posts a while back as a “primer” for Unseen Realm) is now titled: The Unseen Realm: A Question & Answer Companion. It was written by Doug Van Dorn and is now available in Logos format.  I am told that a print version may happen in March. We’ll see.


The leader’s guide is called Supernatural: A Study Guide. It was written by Dr. Ronn Johnson and comes with the Logos and Vyrso editions of Supernatural as an added resource. In other words, if you’ve purchased Supernatural for Logos or Vyrso, you should already have the study guide. It is currently exclusively available in only these formats, and only bundled with the full book. It isn’t available in print or on its own. There are plans to produce the leader’s guide in print this year (soon I am told).