The Unseen Realm is moving into the “camera ready files” stage and Supernatural is close behind. We also hope to launch two other products with the two books — items for pastors and folks in the pews. I can’t say more than that right now. Stay tuned.

With the clock ticking to launch all these things, it’s time to have a conversation about how to get the word out. The publisher will be pursuing (and has been planning for) all normal avenues (magazine ads, websites, mailing campaigns, etc.). But everyone on this end knows this will be driven at the grass roots level over the course of years — not a week or two of cheerleading. This is where you all come in. It begins here, with those who follow this blog.

Many moons ago I asked for pastors or folks who otherwise work in the church for blurbs of encouragement and endorsement. Those we received, along with the event in New Bern, NC of last January, have contributed to a long-haul idea to getting the word out — not just about the books, but about their content.

Once the books launch we will be devoting internal time and energy (again, this is very long term) to contacting churches / pastors anywhere and everywhere to take a serious interest in the content. We’ll be asking them to do something like the event in New Bern (see the second set of sessions). In other words, we are not asking for me to appear on a Sunday morning. I can’t possibly communicate the content of the books — the worldview, the biblical theology in its original context — in 30 minutes in a sermon. We won’t book that sort of thing. What we want is to have churches host me for a Saturday event that spans 3-4 hours plus Q & A. This will be at our expense, not a church’s. In exchange for churches not having to pay for my travel, lodging, etc., churches will need to agree to allow us to take orders for the books and software at the event (Lexham Press, the publisher, is an imprint of Faithlife Corporation, the makers of Logos Bible Software).

If you are a pastor who has followed the content of these books (formerly “The Myth that is True” manuscript, now The Unseen Realm and its trade book companion, Supernatural), I hope you’ll consider inviting me to your church/location to do this. Please email me if that’s the case, and I will put you in touch with the folks on this end who schedule the events to work out the details. My email address is under “Contact” on my website. If you are a lay person in your church who teaches or is otherwise interested in the content, this invitation to get involved is also for you. The New Bern, NC event was initiated by two people in that church who were passionate about the content. Their pastor trusted them and gave the green light.

Stay tuned for more as May approaches.