There’s one thing that practically everyone who has discussed the Jesus Tomb can all agree on: If you don’t have the name “Mariamne” (the alleged Mary Magdalene) in the tomb, the statistical odds have no chance of supporting a Jesus family tomb. It seems that many who are parading the statistical work of Dr. Feuerverger and others (e.g., Kilty and Elliott) have somehow forgotten that that the only close epigraphical examination of the “Mariamne” inscription–the one done by Dr. Stephen Pfann of Jerusalem (a friend of mine)–has not been overturned. In short, his analysis, which Dr. Mark Goodacre of Duke University called “a model of clarity” dooms the statistical defense of a Jesus family tomb. Read Dr. Pfann’s analysis and see for yourself–Mary Magdalene has left the building (in fact, was never there).