Win a signed copy of either The Façade or The Portent!

Here’s how:

  1. Go to and review my book, The Unseen Realm. Right now there are 475 reviews. I want to push past 500. Once the reviews hit 525, the giveaway will end.
  2. I will randomly select 16 winners – I have eight copies of each book to give away. I will notify the winners after the giveaway closes by posting a comment under your review. That comment will say something like: “You’ve won a copy of one of Mike’s novels (The Façade, The Portent)! Send your mailing address to Mike at [XYZ email address] and tell him which book you want.”
  3. It will be up to you to check your review after we cross 525 to see if you won—and to send me your address. Just give it a day or two after we hit 525 for me to post the winner notification note. Please include your first name so I can personalize the signing. If you want the book signed for someone else, make that clear in the email.
  4. If I run out of the novel you want, sorry! I’ll send along whichever novel I have left.
  5. If you have previously reviewed The Unseen Realm, I’ll let you review it again, but I think Amazon requires a different email address (?) – not sure really. They may weed you out, but you can try!

Remember, once reviews hit 525 the giveaway is closed. That means fifty more reviews with 16 books to give away. You have roughly a 1-in-3 chance to win one!