Logos is publishing a compilation of George W. Buchanan’s works. Why do I mention this item out of the 3-4,000 items Logos publishes each year? Because I helped put this on the radar. Buchanan is one of the few serious NT scholars who is open to an alternative location for the Jerusalem Temple, as this short essay in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs makes clear. Here’s another essay by Buchanan from the website devoted to Martin’s academic legacy relating to this issue. (Martin also advocated for a slightly different location than the current consensus).

I find the subject of interest since certain details of the Temple Mount in Josephus (that anyone alive at the time could have seen with their own eyes) do not fit with the current consensus location. If Josephus was correct, the location of the Temple in Jerusalem as currently identified can’t be correct. That would have dramatic implications. Naturally, an alternative location is hotly contested.

With respect to Buchanan’s works, here is what is included on the new Logos set.

  • Biblical and Theological Insights from Ancient and Modern Civil Law
  • The Book of Daniel
  • The Book of Hebrews: Its Challenge from Zion
  • The Book of Revelation: Its Introduction and Prophecy
  • The Gospel According to Matthew (Vol. 1)
  • The Gospel According to Matthew (Vol. 2)
  • Introduction to Intertextuality
  • Jewish Messianic Movements
  • New Testament Eschatology: Historical and Cultural Background

I am told by David Sielaff of MartinThe last book translates to English from (for the first time) many Jewish writings that comment on various Old Testament prophecies. It is analytical, not agreeing or criticizing the prophetic findings.