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Peeranormal Episode 5: Halloween Episode: Vampires and Ghosts

Peeranormal’s inaugural Halloween episode focuses on academic research into vampires and ghosts with special guest Dr. Judd Burton from Our hosts take a look at vampirism as centuries-old myth and modern phenomenon. Where did the vampire legend come from? What were the historical circumstances since the late 18th century that contributed to belief in the fateful undead, hungry for blood? What about ghosts? Is there any empirical evidence that would suggest people can experience a supernatural presence in places said to be haunted? How would scientists try to make that case?  The episode is now...

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Naked Bible Podcast Episode 123 – Ezekiel 16

Ezekiel 16 is known for being the most sexually explicit chapter in the Bible. Some scholars even consider it pornographic. The prophet casts the city of Jerusalem as a whore when articulating why God has condemned it and marked it for destruction. This episode explores the portrayal of spiritual apostasy as wanton whoredom in all its ugliness—and God’s amazing ability to forgive in spite of it. The episode is now...

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Naked Bible Podcast Episode 122 – Ezekiel 14-15

The words of Ezekiel 14-15 were addressed to Jewish elders in Babylon who had come to Ezekiel for a word from the Lord. Knowing they were still idol worshippers in their hearts, God refused to give them comfort. Instead he lowered the boom: Jerusalem’s judgment was certain. God’s case is presented in language drawn from Leviticus 26, which had foreshadowed Israel’s apostasy and expulsion from the land. This episode focuses on this vocabulary and a special interpretive problem of Ezekiel 14. The episode is now...

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New Motion Graphic Video: God vs. the Sea Monsters

Note: This had been posted earlier, but was taken down after a few minutes due to an error. There’s also been a scene added to this rendering.     Did you know the Bible says that God destroyed Leviathan when he created the heavens and earth? Genesis 1 isn’t the only creation text in the Bible. Check out Psalm 74 after watching this latest video from Shaun — another cool...

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Iraqi Transportation Minister Says Iraq the HQ of Ancient Aliens — Sounds Dumber than Tariq Assiz

Here’s a link to a Breitbart story, part of which reads: “Iraqi transportation minister Kadhem Finjan al-Hamami asserted that Sumerians, the members of an ancient Iraqi civilization, built ‘the first airports’ and ‘Sumerian spaceships used to launch from here towards the other planets’ 7,000 years ago.” Classic Zecharia Sitchin Sumerian paleobabble. My favorite part of the article was the picture used with it — a cuneiform tablet with a magnifying glass poised over it — fostering the idea that some scholar had detected spaceships in the lines of wedge-shaped characters that all the translators had somehow missed (or were forced by...

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