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Three New Items by Mike for Amazon Kindle

I’ve begun to move some of my academic papers to Kindle format. To this point, I’ve been selling them as PDF files. I’m going to phase those out and move what I can (by publishing permission) to Kindle. If you go to this link on the Kindle store, you’ll see the three new titles (each $1.99). They are: Michael S. Heiser, “Does Divine Plurality in the Hebrew Bible Demonstrate an Evolution From Polytheism to Monotheism in Israelite Religion? A Conference Paper“ Michael S. Heiser, “The Old Testament Response to Pagan Divination: A Conference Paper“ Michael S. Heiser, “Panspermia: What...

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Earth to Lynn Marzulli

Lynn Marzulli (L. A. Marzulli, but I knew him years ago as Lynn) just posted something accusing me of making “tired and pompous” and “false” claims about his fairy research in a “hit piece” here. What a bore. Whip out the persecution complex instead of making the effort to what I actually asked: be transparent. It’s an unfortunate, familiar story. What I note below now goes for his fairy / elongated skull / nephilim research wholesale. Lynn is referencing this post on this blog of a few days ago. Earth to Lynn and others to whom it may apply:...

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Blog Review of Supernatural

Thanks are due to Spencer Robinson for this extended and thoughtful review of my book Supernatural: What the Bible Teaches About the Unseen World and Why it Matters (Lexham, 2015). This is the “lite” version of Unseen...

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