I’m quite happy to announce a very special opportunity for all Awakening School of Theology and Ministry (ASOTM) student. ASOTM is my new school in Jacksonville, FL. ASOTM is not accredited. We offer a two year certificate program: first year = 30 weeks going through Unseen Realm content; second year = topics in biblical theology and postmodern apologetics. Follow the link to apply if you are a new student.

What’s the new opportunity? Believe it or not, if you are a high school graduate, you can use your certificate at ASOTM as progress toward a fully accredited M.A. in Theological Studies — even if you never went to college. (Yes, you read that correctly). Through an agreement with Redemption Seminary and their own partnerships, this path is possible and plausible if students so desire. Here’s an interview between me and Redemption’s president, Dr. John Schwandt on what the program is and how to complete it.