The second module for language courses at my MEMRA website is now open for registration. The next module opening will be in November-December.

Registration for this second 2020 module will remain open until July 4, 2020. After registration closes those who are registered will receive instructions by email for accessing the courses, which begin on July 13, 2020.

Courses Offered

  • Beginning Biblical Hebrew
  • Beginning Biblical Greek
  • Beginning Biblical Aramaic

The courses cover an entire first year introduction to the languages. They are traditional courses, not tools-based courses (i.e., these courses are not akin to the “Learn to Use Greek and Hebrew” course I created while with Logos). They require effort, time, and memorization to succeed. Courses are video-based and self-guided. There is no calendar to follow, so you can keep your own pace. The focus is on reading and translation of the biblical text. There is no speaking or writing.

Once inside the course (access will begin after July 6, 2020 shortly after registration closes) students will set up their own accounts for viewing videos, asking questions, etc.

Textbooks are NOT included in the cost of the course and must be purchased separately. See the COURSES page for the grammars we use. All textbooks are available via The textbook for Hebrew (Futato) is also available at Eisenbrauns.