I’m guessing this doesn’t come as a surprise. Sadly, Trey and I have decided that it’s best to cancel the Naked Bible Conference scheduled for this August. We of course don’t know if people will be able to travel, but the greater uncertainty is that, even if travel is available, will enough people want to “take the risk” in doing so? The same concern overshadows hotel stays. Looming even larger, we realize that the whole situation is causing economic uncertainty for many. Many people who would have attended otherwise will be wiser to avoid spending the money on a trip and the conference, or simply be unable to do so.

Consequently, with all these very real uncertainties, we decided to wait until next year to have our conference. Lord willing, things will return to normal enough for everyone, especially those impacted most significantly by the coronavirus situation.

For those wondering about the cruise, we haven’t heard anything concrete yet from the cruise company. Since it’s months later in the year than the conference, they may just be waiting. We will pass on information when we have it.