It’s on! After months of hinting that our first Naked Bible Conference was going to happen, I’m thrilled to announce the details. The conference will be a day-long event in Dallas, TX on August 18, 2018. Truth be told, the site went live while we were in Israel, so some of you have already heard. […]

I haven’t watched or listened to this yet, but I’m expecting Dr. Brown to have some sound insights on this paleobabble.

A little while ago I posted some passages for Dr. Johnson’s take that (obviously) were relevant to his discussion about atonement / substitution language. Turns out he had been discussing those with some of you. What follows are his answers, as well as email questions and answers. Lastly, for those of you going to the […]

If you haven’t subscribed to FringePop321, Mike’s YouTube Channel for discussing paleobabble, you need to! Some recent episodes: The Bible Code – Hidden Encryption or Outright Myth? Is Aleph-Tav a Reference to Jesus? The Angkor Wat Stegosaurus?

Some readers will recall that last year around Christmas we devoted an episode of the Naked Bible Podcast (#195) to the myth that Christmas was a pagan holiday because of the December 25 (winter solstice) date. As the myth goes, the date was chosen by Constantine to connect Jesus to Sol Invictus (“unconquerable sun”) so […]

I want to make you all aware of a new website: Yesod Bible Center. It’s the creation of Dr. Igal German, a friend of mine that I met in Chicago. In particular, Dr. German offers online courses and podcast material. His site is also a gateway for accessing a number of online resources for studying […]

I presume most of you have kept up with Dr. Johnson’s “thinking out loud” series on how we talk / should talk / might talk about the work of the cross as it relates (or not) to wrath and substitution. I have sent him a short list of verses for comment — wanting his take […]

Well, there are several reasons that I could go into at length, but you really don’t need any more of an explanation than this essay by Jason Colavito. What he’s shooting at is a testament to poor thinking, shoddy research (biblical and otherwise), incoherent theology, and lack of ethics in handling sources responsibly. The assumptions […]

As most of you know, our inaugural Naked Bible Conference sold out a week ago. We still have a month to go before the event. Trey has worked hard on a livestream option. That is finally in place! Tickets for livestreaming the entire conference are $99. If you are signed up for the newsletter already, […]

What is the Bible’s Big Story? Part 6 This is part 6 of Dr. Ronn Johnson’s blog series. Please see my own posted thoughts of a few days ago. It’s good to think about what words we use to describe what the cross (and subsequent resurrection) accomplished. It’s not as easy as you’d think. — […]

I just saw a news story about a 2,000 year-old sarcophagus discovered in Alexandria, Egypt. The coffin dates to the Ptolemaic era (ca. 305-30 BC). News articles have dutifully noted that the sarcophagus is 8.5 feet long. I’m trembling with excitement over what is sure to be an entertaining wave of gullible paleobabble soon to […]

I just want to post some short thoughts on Dr. Johnson’s series. He’s doing what he does best – making us think about things we take for granted. I’ve jotted down some notes and sharing them is overdue. Here are some thoughts… I believe in the concept of penal substitution, but I’m going to question […]

Some of you know that I host a second podcast dedicated to reviewing fringe and paranormal topics using peer-reviewed literature. It’s called PEERANORMAL. I have four co-hosts. We occasionally invite field experts depending on the topic. We’re 16 episodes into PEERANORMAL. I think the series we just recorded is arguably the most important work we’ve […]

Just a reminder that my next book, Angels: What the Bible Really Says About God’s Heavenly Host, is available for pre-order now on Amazon. The book will ship on September 19. I just turned in the manuscript for its companion: Demons: What the Bible Really Says About the Powers of Darkness. No idea when that will be […]

Several years ago Dan Wallace mentioned in a debate with Bart Ehrman that a possible first-century papryus of Mark had been found. That papyrus became known as “first century Mark” in the popular arena. Finally, there’s been a definitive update on what this manuscript is (and isn’t). From the Evangelical Textual Criticism blog: Dan Wallace […]

Just in case you haven’t had anything creep you out lately. Here you go: Resident Evil? DARPA Unveils Genetic “Tuning” To Fight Chemical, Radiation Attacks Of course. This would never lead to anything else.

It’s been over 20 years since the debut of the notorious “alien autopsy” film. I remember it being the rage on late-night talk radio while I was in grad school. The Magonia Review has an excellent run-down of the whole incident, including how it was faked and who did the faking. Interesting and informative.

I’m speaking here of the 3-volume Commentary on the New Testament from the Talmud and Midrash (3 vols.), by Hermann L. Strack and Paul Billerbeck. It is frequently referenced by scholarly New Testament commentaries (especially those on the four gospels). To this point, it has existed only in German, the language of its publication. My employer, […]

Some of you may know the name Frank Viola. Frank has published several best-selling books in the wider Christian world. He spent a lot of time reading through and blogging about (very favorably) my own book, The Unseen Realm: Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bible. I’d recommend his new book, Insurgence: Reclaiming the Gospel of […]

Short answer: No. But to read the click-bait headlines circulating on the internet in the last couple of days, you’d think so. All you need to do is read NASA’s own announcement — just the first paragraph: NASA’s Curiosity rover has found new evidence preserved in rocks on Mars that suggests the planet could have […]

This episode launches a series on quantum mechanics and its presumed relationship to metaphysical ideas, religion, theology, and the paranormal. During the series we’ll be joined by Dr. Rob (“Putty”) Putman, who holds a PhD in theoretical quantum physics, but now pastors a church in Illinois. In this first episode, we survey the history of […]

The first four profiles and topics for the upcoming Naked Bible Conference (Dallas, August 18) were: Dr. Bill Arnold: “Israel in, among, or against Its Neighbors? A Singular Israel in a Pluralistic World“ Dr. Archie Wright: “The Reception of the Satan Tradition in Second Temple Judaism and the Gospels“ Dr. John Hilber: “Since When Is Literal […]

Our fourth speaker and topic profile for the inaugural Naked Bible Conference in Dallas, TX on August 18 is Dr. William (“Rusty”) Osborne. I’ve alluded to Dr. Osborne’s work on the Naked Bible Podcast several times. His dissertation was on tree imagery and symbolism in the Bible and ancient Near East. His dissertation was just […]

If not, you need to. Really. FringePop321 is a YouTube channel. I’m the host. Every week we release a new video of me trying to inject some sanity into a fringe topic — paleobabble, fringe archaeology, ancient aliens, paranormal topics, etc. Just go to the channel and click “subscribe”! (And there is a website for […]

Over the last couple days I’ve profiled the topics of Dr. Bill Arnold (panbabylonianism) and Dr. Archie Wright (Satan in Second Temple literature and the NT). Today the focus is Dr. John Hilber, whose session is entitled, “Since When Is Literal Interpretation ‘Normal’?—Reconsidering a Popular Assumption.” At one point in early planning for our inaugural […]

Do you read my science fiction? Well those of you who read The Portent, the sequel to The Facade, know that The Portent ended with a riddle for readers. Part of the riddle and a clue was in the book, while part was in a companion handbook. The riddle was part of a contest to […]

Our first speaker and topic profile for this summer’s inaugural Naked Bible Conference focused on Dr. Bill Arnold. Our second speaker and topic profile takes a look at Dr. Archie Wright. Dr. Wright will be familiar to some who follow the podcast and follow me on Twitter, along with folks who read footnotes in The Unseen […]

I’ll be blogging a few thoughts on each speaker and topic for our upcoming (August 18) Naked Bible Conference. You can read the full abstract of each speaker and topic at the website. My thoughts here are just to give you all a heads up as to why I invited the speaker and encouraged the […]

Registration for the MEMRA language courses is now open. Beginning biblical Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic are offered. Registration will remain open until June 30. The courses start on July 9. NOTE: The MEMRA courses are traditional first-year courses. They go through a grammar and require a lot of memorization. They are not at all like the […]

Here’s the latest “infographic” video from Shaun. I think this audience will appreciate it a lot and find it useful for helping others to think through this issue. I’ve written (and commented in podcast episodes) that the Bible was not intended (by God) to teach modern science. This video illustrates that perspective. Underneath the video […]

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