Most of what people think they know about angels doesn’t come from the Bible. If you think angels have wings and that a third of them rebelled with Satan before the Fall, you’re a case in point. You believe those things because of Christian tradition or Hollywood. If you really want to know what the […]

Many readers will be familiar with the amazing work of The Bible Project. Its YouTube channel has over 1 million subscribers, and if you’ve ever watched one, it isn’t hard to see why. The Bible Project does the thing that’s nearest to my heart — it makes solid biblical content accessible. That’s what we try […]

I’m on with Rev. Walker the third Monday of each month. This time we talked more about the new Angels book. Here’s the conversation (yes, that’s a picture of Scully behind me):

We’ve interviewed Peter Gurry before on the Naked Bible podcast, and I’ve blogged some of his posts over at the Evangelical Textual Criticism blog. Peter is a bona fide New Testament textual critic, so he’s a good authority for the question posed in the title of this post. Listen to his interview with Alisa Childers […]

I just heard from our partners (who track this sort of thing) that FringePop321 just passed 1 million minutes viewed on YouTube! That’s awesome, especially since the site is so young. I’m hoping that all of you who pay attention to what I do understand what we’re trying to do with FringePop321. In no particular […]

Some readers will recall I blogged about this in 2016. Now there’s a FringePop321 video on the subject!

This past week I had the privilege of spending two days at the secret (not quite underground) location where the Bible Project folks are hard at work helping the world understand and appreciate the Bible. It was a lot of fun, trust me. I spent most of the time with Tim Mackie and Jon Collins, […]

Check out some new Bible study tools, Christian art, and a way to help the persecuted church! Part 1: Johnny Cisneros – Bible Study Apps for Word Studies in Colossians What are some of the best Bible study apps today? And how can you use those study apps to gain meaningful insights into the key […]

There’s a short, informative essay of that title by Sara Brumfeld over on the ASOR blog that I recommend to anyone interested in cuneiform tablets and paleobabble fakery. Brumfeld is a credentialed scholar (PhD) in ancient Near Eastern Studies, so she knows what she’s talking about. Very interesting. Tablet fakery is the sort of “evidence” […]

Peter Gurry of the Evangelical Textual Criticism blog has a concise, clear-headed response to some of the ways Bart Ehrman defends the thesis that the textual transmission of the Greek New Testament wasn’t very reliable: “Evaluating Ehrman’s Comparative Argument for Textual Unreliability.” Give it a read!

What is the Bible’s Big Story? Part 7 This is Part 7 of Dr. Ronn Johnson’s guest series. If you would like to catch up with any of the previous installments, the archive is located here. ————————- It was great to meet many of you at the first annual Naked Bible Conference in Dallas. I […]

UFOs – Documenting the Evidence is a worthwhile, data-driven blog for anyone interested in the UFO issue, particularly as it relates to the U.S. government. A recent post entitled “Bombshell Emerges: United States Air Force (USAF) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Investigated UFO Cases Years After Project Blue Book Closed,” juxtaposes the documentary history of […]

The well-known scholarly publisher, Brill, recently released notice of a new article about Dead Sea Scroll forgeries. From their website: The findings of false fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls have been all over the media recently: collectors have purchased modern forgeries from dubious sellers, at astronomical prices. To assure the authenticity of ‘new’ fragments on the […]

Yes, we can — at least if we pay attention to primary sources — both New Testament and the Gnostic texts from Nag Hammadi. Check it out: Really — you ought to be watching FringePop321 — subscribe now!

I received an email today asking this question: “Mike – is this a good rendition? I read where an early rendition of Deuteronomy 33.2-3, when Asherah’s influence had not yet been fully subordinated reads: ‘YHWH came from Sinai and shone forth…. at his right hand his own Asherah’.” Short answer: No — this is a hack […]

It was fun having Steve on the set! We interviewed him as well for FringePop321 — that will be out eventually. Here’s his hosted conversation with me.

I spend an hour with Eric each month. Here’s the latest conversation:

I just learned that Logos Bible Software is offering a 25% discount for Naked Bible Podcast listeners. Logos is my employer and it’s the software many of you have seen me use at events or online. There’s nothing like it on the planet. The discount ends at the end of the month of August (2018). […]

My money is on the latter. Take a look at a recent FringePop321 video for why: You can also see how the Dead Sea Scrolls undermines the whole premise of equidistant letter sequencing here. The Bible Code is dead on arrival.

The latest episode of FringePop321 — have a look and then SUBSCRIBE!

Here it is – click the link: nbchandout

I recently did an interview on the Deeper Waters apologetics podcast. Here’s the link for listening!

I haven’t watched or listened to this yet, but I’m expecting Dr. Brown to have some sound insights on this paleobabble.

A little while ago I posted some passages for Dr. Johnson’s take that (obviously) were relevant to his discussion about atonement / substitution language. Turns out he had been discussing those with some of you. What follows are his answers, as well as email questions and answers. Lastly, for those of you going to the […]

If you haven’t subscribed to FringePop321, Mike’s YouTube Channel for discussing paleobabble, you need to! Some recent episodes: The Bible Code – Hidden Encryption or Outright Myth? Is Aleph-Tav a Reference to Jesus? The Angkor Wat Stegosaurus?

Some readers will recall that last year around Christmas we devoted an episode of the Naked Bible Podcast (#195) to the myth that Christmas was a pagan holiday because of the December 25 (winter solstice) date. As the myth goes, the date was chosen by Constantine to connect Jesus to Sol Invictus (“unconquerable sun”) so […]

I want to make you all aware of a new website: Yesod Bible Center. It’s the creation of Dr. Igal German, a friend of mine that I met in Chicago. In particular, Dr. German offers online courses and podcast material. His site is also a gateway for accessing a number of online resources for studying […]

I presume most of you have kept up with Dr. Johnson’s “thinking out loud” series on how we talk / should talk / might talk about the work of the cross as it relates (or not) to wrath and substitution. I have sent him a short list of verses for comment — wanting his take […]

Well, there are several reasons that I could go into at length, but you really don’t need any more of an explanation than this essay by Jason Colavito. What he’s shooting at is a testament to poor thinking, shoddy research (biblical and otherwise), incoherent theology, and lack of ethics in handling sources responsibly. The assumptions […]

As most of you know, our inaugural Naked Bible Conference sold out a week ago. We still have a month to go before the event. Trey has worked hard on a livestream option. That is finally in place! Tickets for livestreaming the entire conference are $99. If you are signed up for the newsletter already, […]

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