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Are there very old skeletons that have red hair? Sure. That isn’t the myth. The myth is that a skeleton or mummy with red hair means that said specimen is evidence of nephilim or visitation of Old World giants in the New World. (I’ve asked before for the verse that says the nephilim had double […]

Part 4 of a series by guest blogger, Stephen Huebscher ——- C. CONCEPTIONS OF HEAVENLY WORSHIP IN GNOSTIC GROUPS This post deals with groups that are known as “Gnostics” from the Greek word gnosis = “knowledge.” They developed the century after Christianity. They are the darling of much of contemporary scholarship, which tends to trust them more […]

Well, we’re finally caught up on transcripts! Each episode of the podcast should now have a PDF transcript. This wouldn’t have happened without Brenda in Ohio, who took on the task of transcribing months ago, and Trey, who converted the documents to PDF and did the uploading. Awesome job!

I’m referring to this recent two-page (!) study in a medical journal: “Oldest case of gigantism? Assessment of the alleged remains of Sa-Nakht, king of ancient Egypt,” Lancet: Diabetes and Endocrinology 5:8 (August 2017): 580-581. Several folks have emailed me about this. My only questions about the article (and the news outlets reporting on it) […]

Guest blogger, Stephen Huebscher This is the third of five posts in this series. B. CONCEPTIONS OF HEAVENLY WORSHIP IN EARLY CHRISTIANITY Early Christian conceptions of heavenly worship drew heavily on the OT and, not surprisingly, show a similarity, though with some important differences. Revelation and Hebrews are undoubtedly the most important NT books to […]

I heard today that, due to some scheduling problems, seating at the Lubbock, TX event for August 26 will be limited. If you plan to come, be advised. Click on the link for time and place. I will update the event page with anything else relevant if it comes my way.

Just a quick note. As I posted a few days ago, the paperback of my new book, The Bible Unfiltered is now available for pre-order and will ship October 4. I head a few days ago that Lexham plans to make the Kindle version of the book available on October 4.

I just saw the link on Amazon appear for my next book. It’s entitled, The Bible Unfiltered: Approaching Scripture on Its Own Terms. It’s the second collection of my articles published in Bible Study Magazine, which means it’s a follow-up to the first collection, published as I Dare You Not to Bore Me with the Bible. […]

I get questions about whether the New Testament was originally written in Aramaic. Some really aren’t questions; they are (I presume) well-meaning people trying to inform me of the “fact” of Aramaic primacy. In light of those sorts of emails, it was nice to come across a well-written summary of why this is a myth […]

If you’ve followed my work for any time (or read books like The Unseen Realm), you know the value of scholarly journals. Most of them are not publicly accessible. Here’s a link to a substantial list that are online.

If you’re following this story, this post from Archaeology Review is quite worthwhile: A Review of Jaime Maussan’s Alien Mummy from Peru. The highlight is an X-Ray of the three-fingered alien hand hoax perpetrated by Maussan. Here’s a portion of the essay on that point: Finally, there’s an excellent report written by Rodolfo Salas-Gismondi from the […]

If you have a sustained interest in the subject of UFOs and their investigation, you’ve heard of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). This at-one-time important grass roots network has been steadily sliding toward irrelevance (see here and here for past issues). Events of more recent days have all but sealed the organization’s fate as something to […]

By now I’ve probably received a heads up on the story about Canaanite DNA disproving the biblical conquest narrative a dozen times. Here’s my own heads-up: If you see some “news” about the Bible in mass media, you can presume it’s click-bait archaeoporn that will invariably get something wrong. This latest was no exception. I […]

Yep. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When ancient alien theorists (or Christian North American nephilim “race” theorists) insist those are the explanations for impressive engineering and architectural work (think Nazca lines, mounds), what they’re saying is that indigenous populations were too stupid to accomplish these things. It’s embarrassing and misguided. And […]

I just got word that a new file has been uploaded and accepted by Amazon. The verse reference problem should now be fixed. If you want Unseen Realm for Kindle, it’s now available again.

Ever thought about taking a seminary class? Getting a degree in biblical studies? Even if you haven’t and just want good advice on how to do biblical research on your own, you’ll want to listen in on this conversation. This episode of the podcast focuses on the book by Drs. Zacharias and Forrest, How to Survive […]

Just to let Logos users know — Reversing Hermon is now available for the platform!

By guest blogger Stephen L. Huebscher   STEP THREE: LOOKING AT THE THREE GROUPS INDIVIDUALLY CONCEPTIONS OF HEAVENLY WORSHIP IN SECOND TEMPLE JUDAISM The variety of groups and beliefs at this time was reflected in the variety of sacred texts used. It was common to believe in joint human/angelic worship. “The notion that the community […]

The UFO Watchdog blog recently posted an update on the alleged alien mummy brought to Gaia TV by Jaime Maussan. Jaime of course has a long, glorious history of hoaxing. You can read the update here in full, but it’s basically about how the World Congress on Mummy Studies (yes, that’s a real scientific organization) […]

By guest blogger, Stephen L. Huebscher This series was originally written as an academic paper for presentation at a conference. At the time, we were doing research on the divine council for what ended up in Mike’s book The Unseen Realm. I had told Mike I was interested in worship. He helped me design a […]

Here’s the latest video (thanks to Shaun’s work!). It does a good job summarizing how to parse the cherubim and seraphim (and how not to over-read that material).  

I’m aware (from numerous emails) that there is a problem with the order/delivery of Unseen Realm for Kindle. It has to do with the high number of hyperlinked Scripture references in the Kindle file. The publisher (Lexham Press) tells me that the book is just too biblical for Kindle! 🙂 They’re working on a solution. […]

This just popped into my In box. I apologize for being so behind the curve on this but, as I noted on my “About” page, I don’t follow the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) nor do I think its distinctive teachings are scriptural. But lots of movements have those sorts of problems . . . but […]

Someone just sent me this short article from the Daily Beast by church historian Candida Moss: “Nero, the Execution of Peter and Paul, and the Biggest Fake News in Early Christian History.” Basically, it’s about how Christians really weren’t persecuted by Nero as part of the great fire of Rome because the term “Christian” wasn’t […]

Last November I interviewed Dr. Carl Sanders and Dr. Thomas Hudgins about their controversial paper delivered at the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society. The paper argues that major shifts in thinking about how biblical languages are taught and what the goals of that instruction should be are long overdue. I was of course […]

In the previous two episodes on Melchizedek (1a, 1b) we covered the Old Testament data on this enigmatic figure. Jewish writers and readers in the Second Temple Period (ca. 500 BC – 70 AD) naturally had ideas on who Melchizedek was and how to understand him as a king-priest. This episode discusses important texts from […]

I recently added this to my FAQ, but I thought I’d post it here as well. Do you think Matthew 24:37-38 is a prophecy about the return of nephilim or has anything to do with Genesis 6:1-4? The short answer to both is no. (I also don’t think it has anything to do with UFOs […]

This is my second interview with Joel Richardson. I always enjoy talking with Joel. He’s one of the good guys in the popular evangelical world. This second interview took place right after Joel had moved into his new house (and hence a new studio), and we encountered one technical problem — the video of me […]

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