I had blogged a few days ago about the availability on the upcoming (May 6-16) Israel tour. I have learned that there are 1o open registrations. If you are interested in going to Israel with me (and Derek and Sharon Gilbert), follow this link. Maybe it will help to note that Trey is going, too! There […]

I came across the article below today. It’s on a site for an old journal — all the issues are freely accessible. Here’s the article, but check out the site! Cohen From the Bible to the Talmud-The Prohibition of Intermarriage Note: The Old Testament does not prohibit all marriage with Gentiles.    

I just updated the conference event page with the schedule and topics. Have a look! Information on registering for the event is coming. Stay tuned?

I just saw this on the Ancient World Online site. The publisher has put this work on archive.org for free download. Grab it while you can — it’s a great resource.

This post over at Blue Blurry Lines is a must-read (and must-see visuals) for anyone interested in UFOs. It’s pretty conclusive proof that the photo is real, but has misunderstood and misused. Here’s the photo (just as you’ll usually see it):

Robert Sheaffer has a worthwhile post over at his Bad UFOs blog. If you’re interested in those videos that accompanied the now-famous NY Times story about the secret DOD UFO program, you’ll want to give it a read. These are the sorts of questions that need to be asked — specifically on the basis of […]

A while back I blogged about a trip to Israel this coming May 6-16 that I’m going on, courtesy of Lipkin Tours. I’ll be a “talking head” on that tour along with Derek Gilbert. The trip had closed, but a few people have dropped out. Consequently, there is a brief window of opportunity for anyone […]

It’s exceedingly unusual for me to share emails here that I get from Naked Bible Podcast listeners, or folks who read my books, or someone who has otherwise benefited from the content I try to produce. But this one captures why we do what we do on the podcast that I asked permission to share […]

Most of you will know that my non-profit, MIQLAT, is funding the translation of my book, Supernatural: What the Bible Says About the Unseen World–And Why it Matters. It’s the “lite” version of The Unseen Realm. Over 20 translations are running or have been completed. Here’s the link to the page where the translations will live […]

The CIPHER … by a narrow margin: Thanks for all who voted! Over 1500 of you! I start tonight … well, as soon as we get power back. Day 4 of no electricity at home (at work now – civilization). Hopefully we’ll be back in business late tonight.

I came across this essay recently. It’s from the out of print book, Mesopotamian and the Bible, edited by Mark Chavalas and Lawson Younger. The essay is by Chavalas, a scholar of biblical studies and ancient Mesopotamia: Chavalas Assyriology and Biblical Studies Century and a Half of Tension The essay is about the use and […]

NOTE: The giveaway described below has ended! — MSH, 1-4-2018 I figured that title would get some attention. Right now my book, The Unseen Realm: Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bible, is at 661 reviews. That got me thinking about a giveaway for the 666th review. But that would encourage no one to review the […]

A week or so ago I saw something on Twitter that made me shake my head. An apparently well meaning Hebrew enthusiast gleefully reported that, after searching through hundreds of manuscripts, he’d found thousands of places where the divine name (YHWH) was vocalized by scribes as “Yehovah” but (and here’s what tickled him) none vocalized […]

I’m happy to let the world know that the Pugnacious Pugs, let by my pug, Mori, dominated in the Naked Bible Fantasy Football league (291-189 over Craig’s Steel Curtain). It’s been a long time since I’ve won the league. Mori’s drafting skills no doubt played a major role. In addition to the trophy, he got […]

Nick Redfern has a short, to-the-point essay over at Mysterious Universe. I agree with his tepid enthusiasm. And I’m still waiting for those emails where Tom DeLonge (and let’s throw in John Podesta) grilled their sources for whether Project Palladium had anything to do with these videos. Yes, there are other possibilities (again, Navy pilots […]

Over on the Evangelical Textual Criticism blog, Peter Gurry directs our attention to a 60 Minutes segment on the textual tragedy that accompanies the human tragedy caused by ISIS.

Here’s an interesting piece from Scientific American (SA) on one point of the UFO story of a week or so ago from the New York Times. The claim SA is objecting to is this one: “In a group of buildings in Las Vegas, the government stockpiles alloys and other materials believed to be associated with […]

The latest episode of the Naked Bible Podcast just uploaded. The topic is on whether Christians should consider Christmas a pagan holiday. I hope you’ll give it a listen. I broke down the topic into two areas: the traditional date of Christmas (December 25) and what people do to celebrate Christmas. I thought I’d write […]

There is much discussion online at this time of year as to the presumed pagan origins of Christmas. December 25, we are told, was a date stolen from pagan worship, specifically from the festival of the “Birth of the Unconquered Sun” (Sol Invictus)? Should Christians have Christmas trees? Aren’t trees pagan objects of worship? How […]

Several (good) reasons, actually. Find out here, as Shaun Tabatt interviews Dr. Peter Williams of Tyndale House. Here’s a short description (sort of a review) of its features, as well as an extended conversation with the editors. Check out the Tyndale House Greek New Testament!

What follows arose up within me in the wake of yet another soul-crushing example of the disturbing ignorance that passes for insight or knowledge in Christian Middle Earth. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I’m referring to a tweet that orgasmically exalted in finding the divine name vocalized in Hebrew manuscripts as “Yehovah” […]

I’ve blogged on this topic before, but I’ve recently gotten a few questions on it in email. I decided to revisit it by posting some PDF resources. Here’s the short answer to “Was Jesus a failed prophet?” Yes, if you don’t understand the idea of conditional prophecy, which occurs frequently in the Bible, and therefore […]

I decided to post something on this topic because someone recently sent me a post promoting (?) a particular view of “Q” and Matthean authorship that appeared at divinecouncil.org. That is not my website. Briefly, the website was promoting the work of New Testament scholar Alan Garrow. Back in 2004 Garrow published a study (his […]

Just a brief note. I occasionally get emails about material that folks read on two sites that are NOT mine: divinecouncil.org divinecouncil.com My divine council site — and my only divine council site — is www.thedivinecouncil.com. It has my name on it at the top. Those other sites are not owned, operated, or endorsed by […]

Precisely. As illustrated by one of the best scenes in X-Files history: Here’s the article from the Daily Beast.

You have to read this to appreciate it. China submitted to a test of its facial recognition surveillance system by a British reporter. It found him in a few minutes — in a city of 3.5 million people. I know. Who cares? I’m not doing anything illegal. Says who? Who defines that? Or, who will […]

If you’re wondering how the public might get a look at what’s inside the empty (?) space recently discovered in the Great Pyramid, the Mysterious Universe blog has the answer: “Micro-Blimp Drone to Explore Inside the Great Pyramid.” The idea is to (from the post): “. . . drill a 1.5 inch (3.5 cm) hole into […]

Here’s a pretty compelling UFO video — from the cockpit of a Navy F/A 18 Super Hornet: As the captioning notes the UFO video comes to the public via the Department of Defense (DOD). I found it reading an article in the NY Times about the DOD’s secret program to investigate UFOs. It was called […]

So far just over 900 people have voted between the four choices for the title of my third novel. Here’s where we currently stand:     It’s a pretty tight contest. Voting will continue until the end of the year. If you want to vote, subscribe to my newsletter. That puts you on my email […]

Want to know why my non-profit, MIQLAT, is partnering with AllAboutGod.com to create our “fringe / Middle Earth” video show Fringepop321? Watch this video (and get a peek). By helping AllAboutGod.com, you’re not only helping a Miqlat ministry effort, you’re doing evangelism and discipleship in meaningful, quantifiable ways. I’ve seen the “under the hood” stats […]

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