Most of what people think they know about angels doesn’t come from the Bible. If you think angels have wings and that a third of them rebelled with Satan before the Fall, you’re a case in point. You believe those things because of Christian tradition or Hollywood. If you really want to know what the […]

This is Part 9 of a guest series by Dr. Ronn Johnson.   My last post concluded with the recommendation that the primary effect of Jesus’ death when viewed in priestly terms (that is, when we speak of Jesus dying as a sacrifice) found him making an already-righteous worshipper fit for entering sacred space. Most […]

I’ve blogged about Yesod Bible Center before. It was created by a friend, Dr. Igal German. Igal has informed me that he has revised and updates all his online courses that are slated to begin in January 2019. This is an excellent opportunity to study Scripture online. Yes, there are a good number of such […]

Well, Amazon has solved the paperback problem! You can now order What Does God Want? in paperback. I’ve been asked many times, “How do I teach your material in my church? How can someone who isn’t even ready for Supernatural get into this content? This book is the answer. What Does God Want? is specifically designed for […]

Okay, it seems everyone is posting their “Top 10 Books of 2018” list this week (I’ve seen a bunch on Twitter) so I’ll get into the act. I listen to audio books while driving around, which allows me to get through a lot of material. What follows is my recommendation list. Most academic books on […]

The most recent issue of Themelios, the academic journal of the Gospel Coalition, contains a review of Matthew’s Theological Grammar: The Father and the Son. This is an important work that argues that “προσκυνέω [proskuneō] in Matthew means worship and its use “bind[s] together the identity of Father and Son” by taking up the verb “in ways that evoke Israel’s […]

Back in March I posted a link to the video below, which was created and posted by Dr. Michael Brown. The video is about how Hebrew is not to be read / translated / interpreted according to the shapes of the original picture-script (“pictographic”) from which the Hebrew letters originated. Dr. Brown is correct. Trying […]

I’m of course talking about my new “discipleship book” aimed at introducing (and clarifying) the meaning of the gospel and what believers are supposed to be doing to follow Jesus. It’s called (as the cover makes obvious), What Does God Want? Why is this a good gift idea? Because people are often disposed to thinking […]

Readers will likely find this review of my new book (Angels: What the Bible Really Says About God’s Heavenly Host) by Justin Dillehay of interest. I’m grateful that Justin took the time to review the book, and that the Gospel Coalition found it worth inclusion on their website. There’s one paragraph of interest for this space. […]

I recently participated in a doctoral colloquium where students were required to read my book The Unseen Realm. It was fun, and I’m grateful to all who took part and considered the book stimulating reading for the colloquium. One of the questions focused on an excerpt from a book recently co-authored by a friend of mine (Dr. […]

I just wanted you to know about a fundraising event (for my non-profit that is happening in your neck of the woods in January. In the last 1.5 years MIQLAT has not only split expenses for the FringePop321 YouTube Channel (subscriptions continue to climb), but we’ve also seen my book Supernatural translated into 20 languages! We […]

This question is asked of me so often that I’ve decided to post an *unedited* excerpt from my forthcoming Demons book (due out sometime in 2019 — it’s in editorial now). Here’s a brief take on the issue; part of a larger discussion: What is spiritual warfare-from Heiser DEMONS MS unedited I can honestly say […]

I just got notice of this sale. Note that the sale items are LOGOS products (books and video courses – Mobile Ed courses in the Logos Bible Software format), NOT physical books or DVDs. All of the items have a significant discount, but some are just crazy (up to 90% off). To access the sale […]

I’ve blogged before about how the theory of ancient aliens being responsible for the monumental building of ancient Egypt and other contemporaneous civilizations is inherently racist. The idea is basically that the humans of Egypt and these other cultures were simply too inept to achieve what they achieved without alien help. They needed aliens or […]

I get a lot of email about my views on Yahweh and divine plurality. You’d think people would find my material via Google or my divine council website, but I guess not. I’m making this page for you all, of course, but also to provide myself a convenient one-stop link to send people. Mike’s “lay […]

I’ve had some folks send me the link to this recent article: “Data From a Dead Satellite Reveals Lost Continents Under Antarctica.” This is followed by the breathless proclamation: “These gravity images are revolutionizing our ability to study the least understood continent on Earth—Antarctica.” Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz … As I wrote to one person who sent me […]

I decided this morning to do a quick screen capture video on reverse interlinears. This tool was pioneered in digital form by my employer, Logos Bible Software. I’m asked repeatedly about how to do word studies, so I created this as an answer to that question (I was again this morning, hence this post and […]

I couldn’t resist posting this — hat tip to Matthew for it! “Record-Setting Sale Of An Ancient Assyrian Stone Relief Sparks Looting Fears In Iraq” $28 million for a seven-foot carved relief of an apkallu. Readers will recall that apkallu are either depicted with wings (wings denote a divine nature) or fish (which denotes their […]

I’ve decided to open another MEMRA module. Registration for the first 2019 module will remain open until December 31, 2018. After registration closes those who are registered will receive instructions by email for accessing the courses, which begin on January 7, 2019. Courses offered will be: Beginning Biblical Hebrew Beginning Biblical Greek Beginning Biblical Aramaic MEMRA courses […]

I saw this today on Twitter. Apparently the newly-released material is the result of the tenacious efforts of John Greenewald and his amazing Black Vault website. Here’s a link to the Black Vault archive for CIA mind control programs, including MK-ULTRA.

I just wanted to remind folks who perhaps haven’t checked my calendar lately that I’m speaking this weekend in Philadelphia at the Frequency Conference. My two break-out sessions are “The Validity of the Old Testament” and “The Supernatural Fight for Unity and Cultural Change.” The conference organizers are live-streaming the event. Just click on the […]

Just a personal note. I’ve been hearing (and seeing, in email) my own name a lot recently — how I (allegedly) believe or don’t believe XYZ, or how someone is suspicious of me, or how I need to debate some person. Sigh. For the record (this is a laziness test for detractors — to see […]

This is Part 8 of the guest blog series by Dr. Ronn Johnson. The archive of previous installments is located here. I ended my last post by painting myself into a theological corner. In wondering what to do with the brick which says Jesus’ priestly work (atonement, sacrifice, etc.) plays a role in our salvation […]

Many readers will be familiar with the amazing work of The Bible Project. Its YouTube channel has over 1 million subscribers, and if you’ve ever watched one, it isn’t hard to see why. The Bible Project does the thing that’s nearest to my heart — it makes solid biblical content accessible. That’s what we try […]

I’m on with Rev. Walker the third Monday of each month. This time we talked more about the new Angels book. Here’s the conversation (yes, that’s a picture of Scully behind me):

We’ve interviewed Peter Gurry before on the Naked Bible podcast, and I’ve blogged some of his posts over at the Evangelical Textual Criticism blog. Peter is a bona fide New Testament textual critic, so he’s a good authority for the question posed in the title of this post. Listen to his interview with Alisa Childers […]

I just heard from our partners (who track this sort of thing) that FringePop321 just passed 1 million minutes viewed on YouTube! That’s awesome, especially since the site is so young. I’m hoping that all of you who pay attention to what I do understand what we’re trying to do with FringePop321. In no particular […]

Some readers will recall I blogged about this in 2016. Now there’s a FringePop321 video on the subject!

This past week I had the privilege of spending two days at the secret (not quite underground) location where the Bible Project folks are hard at work helping the world understand and appreciate the Bible. It was a lot of fun, trust me. I spent most of the time with Tim Mackie and Jon Collins, […]

Check out some new Bible study tools, Christian art, and a way to help the persecuted church! Part 1: Johnny Cisneros – Bible Study Apps for Word Studies in Colossians What are some of the best Bible study apps today? And how can you use those study apps to gain meaningful insights into the key […]

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