A week ago I did a podcast interview (“Extraordinary Intelligence“) where the host asked me about the Hebrew Roots Movement. I made the comment that I didn’t think all the HRM was cultish legalists or bizarre. Apparently someone in that movement heard something in my words that I didn’t say, and has posted something online about my interview. I don’t have a URL for this (apparent?) quotation, but someone who follows my work sent me this excerpt:

People in the “Hebrew Roots Movement” are not all cultish legalists looking for the next wave. Michale definitely got it right, at least for me, when he talked about churches lacking content, and Christians being bored there. I truly believe people moving in this direction are simply following the leading of the Holy Spirit, away from mainstream religion, and finding in God’s Word a way to make the home the centre of faith instead of a building.

For the record, while this quotation (?) does get me right that I don’t think all HRM folks are cultish legalists, I did not say, nor would I say, that people are going to the HRM because they are being led there by the Holy Spirit. I’m guessing they do get bored with church as usual, but I don’t believe the HRM is some Spirit-anointed movement. The fact that my interview would be distorted (something that never seems to happen with unbelievers when I go on those talk shows) tells me that some in the HRM have an integrity problem.

I’ve added this note as an addendum to my original post about the HRM.