Jack Brewer over at The UFO Trail has begun a two-part series on the CIA’s mind-control programs. UFO Religions readers (and Facade fans) will want to read Part One, along with an earlier essay on John Marks, the researcher who blew the lid off the secrecy.

As Facade readers know, mind control was one of the sub-threads in the novel. The UFO research community has known for some time that CIA mind control and LSD experimentation had some sort of intersection with the “alien contactee” movement in the United States. The same is likely also true of the alien abduction phenomenon. The latter connection received a bit of attention in Jack’s posts about Leah Haley’s story (which of course included some of Leah’s own commentary about her experiences).  The second post above (“Part One”) overviews some of these intersections. Jack does a nice job of cross-referencing the connections to specific MK-ULTRA / CIA documentary evidence.

Have a look!