I just heard of the passing of Dr. Tom Hawkins yesterday. Those who follow this blog of who have read The Facade have likely not heard of Tom, but he figures in the novel and his work will again constitute part of the plot line of the sequel.

Tom spent the better part of two decades ministering to people who were the victims of ritual abuse (the term used for such is actually “survivors”).  This is what (in part) used to be called MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) but which is now called DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). His patients included people deliberately traumatized as the result of mind-control experimentation aiming at the deliberate creation of “alters” (yes, it’s real – just look up MK-ULTRA in the Congressional record). More often, though, the abuse was the result of “less weird” traumatization, such as satanic ritual abuse (SRA). Tom was a graduate (PhD) of Dallas Theological Seminary and not a crank. He fit the template of a normal evangelical pastor. He stumbled onto the DID problem while in the pastorate, when it turned out his wife Dianne was a survivor and neither of them knew it (she was “triggered” and certain behaviors and memories resulted). Their story, along with a range of materials on the subject and its treatment, is available through his website and ministry, Restoration in Christ Ministries.

So what’s the connection to The Facade? Well, in the latest version, recall the revelation of the name “Gottlieb” (Sydney Gottlieb). A number of Tom’s survivors spoke of the same types of trauma and, in particular, the messaging, as reported by so-called alien abductees: nephilim babies, hybridization, OBEs, etc. – except no aliens. That isn’t a coincidence.

It turns out that Tom was able to help many survivors become re-integrated or whole as a result of his research in “the cosmic hierarchy” (aka, the divine council). I never figured on it, but my own work in the divine council was of help to him. He focused mainly on the New Testament, while most of my work has been in the Old Testament and ancient Near East. But gods are gods, and they do what they do. And their over-arching agenda is clear in terms of the big picture, if not the immediate details that swirl about us.

Providentially, the only time I have ever presented anything approximating a start-to-finish overview of the divine council worldview covering both testaments was this past October in Lehighton, PA, at the request of Tom and some of his assistants. I’ve never been asked by a church to do so.  I’m so glad I made time for it now. It was all recorded, and can be purchased in support of Tom’s ministry (I don’t sell the disks and earn nothing from them – per my request everything goes to this ministry). The DVDs cannot as yet be ordered online, but you can inquire about and order them via phone.