For those new to “Christian Ufology,” is a Christian ministry whose mission is as follows:

Our mission is to provide orthodox biblical perspectives on the modern UFO and “alien” phenomenon, exposing proven deceptions, and equipping the church to minister truth and freedom to those currently deceived by experiences and/or strongholds related to now-popular belief systems of aliens actively visiting humanity.

I’ve known the folks behind AR for a number of years and appreciate their ministry. Guy Malone recently sent me the link to a sort of “reverse position paper” — a list of “What We Don’t Believe” in regard to Christian interest in all things ufological. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of teaching about UFOs, alleged aliens, nephilim breeding and eschatological conspiracy, etc. circulating on the web by Christians whose concern is admirable, but whose thinking on these and other related subjects is flawed and misguided. I’ve read through “What We Don’t Believe” and am in complete agreement with what AR rejects. I would, however, add one caveat to this line:

[We do not believe and do not teach] That any humans (save those on the Ark) or nephilim survived the flood of Noah’s time, whether by taking refuge in a hollow earth, the second heaven, outer space, or anywhere else.

My caveat is that I think a local flood is certainly biblically defensible, and so the question of human “survival” in other parts of the world would be moot should the biblical flood story reflect a localized, not a globalized, event.

I hope readers will take a look at AR’s list of what they don’t believe, especially if they consider themselves Christians and believe Christians need to be thinking about UFOs and their impact on what people believe in terms of worldview and religion.