[UPDATE 12/3/2011: The WhiteHouse.gov site is now working.]

Hat tip to Silver Screen Saucers for alerting me to a new disclosure petition regarding ending UFO secrecy. The short petition was authored by Rich Dolan and Bruce Zabel. (NOTE: I tried to sign the petition just now, but the White House website for accepting such petitions was down; please give it a try, though).

Readers know how I feel about such efforts. Completely worthwhile to try, but basically useless, especially given the current administration, which is hardly interested in transparency (e.g., Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Americans on assassination lists, etc., etc.). But I don’t think any administration would ever tell the complete truth about the UFO issue. Since my view is that all this is likely linked to projects that grew out of Nazi science (Paperclip) that involved human experimentation (and was and is useful misdirection), it ain’t going to happen. And if it’s extraterrestrial, you can double-down on that. But why not ask?  It can’t hurt to try.