Someone sent me the picture below (actually, this is a better one, taken from Google Earth – I got the original in Google maps – put in the coordinates yourself and have a look: 33.206278, -103.584820). Certain bloggers have duly claimed that the image is the result of Nazi occultism and perhaps alien connections to (again) Roswell, NM.  Are they?  Is there another explanation?

Those readers who know me and who have read my book, The Facade, know that I’m quite interested in Nazi occultism. As such, I’d sure love to say these images can be connected with that, but it ain’t so.  There are actually two good explanations, but the second is the actual answer:

1.  There is a clear swastika on the ground, but no connection to nazi occultism BECAUSE the swastika was a symbol in use by Native Americans in New Mexico and elsewhere in the southwest.  See link 1, link 2, and link 3 in that regard (and it didn’t take long to find these):

The above is interesting, and coherent.  But the real answer is likely . . .

2. These “Roswell glyphs” are actually military geoglyphs constructed in connection with WW II for precision bombing practice.

About a quarter way down in the above link you read this:

“The New Mexico figures were constructed as targets on precision bombing ranges attached to Army Air Corps training fields located at Albuquerque, Clovis, Deming, Carlsbad, Hobbes, and Roswell.”

The site even gives the coordinates of other bombing ranges in Roswell (see toward the bottom – the one noted on Google Earth/Maps is “PBR 14“).