I’ve been on three talk shows in the last week or so (Skywatchers Radio, Coast to Coast AM, and Dark Grand Conspiracy). On two of them the Majestic Documents got a good bit of air time. The discussion prompted me to clog some resources related to the Majestic Documents so readers can make use of them.

The subject of the Majestic documents came up not only because they are part of the plotlines in both of my novels, The Facade and The Portent, but because I had a number of them tested by a computational / forensic linguist, Dr. Carol Chaski. I wrote a paper detailing Carol’s analysis that you can read here.  I also delivered a lecture at a Roswell UFO conference on the testing. You can watch that below:

I also highly recommend the excellent video presentation by ufologist Alejandro Rojas of openminds.tv entitled “Majestic 12: A UFO Disinformation Scandal”:

The documents Alejandro shows and discusses in the above video can be obtained here.

On the Skywatchers show, a caller challenged me to continue the linguistic testing. Several years ago I had attempted to raise money to do just that. I went on Coast to Coast AM and asked listeners to donate to that end (I had paid for the first round of tests myself — it isn’t cheap). That fundraising attempt failed spectacularly (less than one hundred dollars was pledged). it taught me (again) that most people don’t want the truth; they just want answers that confirm their prejudices. But the caller had a good idea: to test the documents against samples of writing from the hands of individuals that ufologists have speculated may have forged them. In addition, he pointed out that there are now fundraising sites (like Kickstarter.com) that crowd-source these sorts of things much more effectively. I’m seriously considering his idea. Stay tuned!