My thanks to Rob Bradshaw and his Biblical blog for posting this classic article by Donald Hagner.  It’s great for our current discussion about the process of inspiration, since it covers the well-known phenomenon of how the NT authors often quoted the OT from memory.  The result was a lot of imprecision in their quotations when you compare the wordings in the NT to the LXX and a (hypothetically) retroverted Hebrew text. This makes sense in my view of inspiration, where the human authors (not God) were the *immediate* originators of the words they wrote, God being the ultimate “approver” of the wordings via Providence. Hagner also makes note of the synoptic “problem”, and issue which makes the “God gave the writers each word” view nonsensical. Why would God whisper different tenses of verbs, different conjunctions, different person and number, different vocabulary, etc. to writers recording the same events and conversations? This is completely understandable in my view, but it makes God seem capricious or even uncertain in the alteranative view. (I say “my view” not because I’ve come up with anything here; this issue has been around for millennia now).

Anyway, enjoy the article!