I just wanted to share a few notes about my trip to Colorado this past weekend. It was fun and interesting.

As I noted a couple days prior, I was flown to Colorado to film two segments for GAIAM TV’s Beyond Belief show. George Noory of Coast to Coast AM is the host.

For starters, it was nice to see George again. I had met him probably seven or eight years ago in Los Angeles. I had taken my two daughters to LA to visit Universal Studios. The thought of calling up the producer of Coast to Coast AM to see if we could stop by at night to watch George do an hour of the show popped into my head. I thought they might say yes since I’d been a guest a number of times, and they did. Tom Danheiser (the producer) let us in and we had a lot of fun. The girls were especially thrilled when Tom let us into Dr. Laura’s studio and they got to sit in her chair. (The building at which Coast to Coast is done houses several other radio shows).

The production of the show was interesting. George and Tom were the only folks from LA. The rest were local. Everyone was very gracious and friendly, as well as professional. That was no surprise, of course. I’ve been on Coast to Coast AM over twenty-five times since 2001, and it’s always been a good experience.

I’m always interested in how what winds up on video or TV is done (props and such). GAIAM TV shoots eight half-hour segments one day each month. That means George is interviewing four guests for two segments each. It’s a long day for him. I was the last guest, but you’d never guess that. George loves what he does and it shows.

My topic was biblical prophecy. I had presumed that we’d focus on astral prophecy, but that was actually only about half the interview in total. (We divided the segments into Old Testament and New Testament). For readers of this blog, the questions and the content were pretty basic. But things were pitched at the right level for the audience. The astral prophecy material focused on Ezekiel 1 and Revelation 12. My only disappointment was (naturally) that we were limited to two half-hour segments. I’d have liked to get into the issues in Revelation 12 more, but I’ll blog some of that in the future.

One thing will stick out for any of you who watch the show: I had to remove my glasses. We were five minutes into the first segment when the video techs stopped us because they were getting to much glare. That usually happens with my forehead, but makeup can only do so much!  I wound up removing the glasses during the first segment when we resumed (George gave me an unseen hand signal) and then did segment two entirely without them. Consequently, I’ll look stranger than usual to those who’ve met me or who’ve seen me in other videos. My vision is quite bad (something like 20/500), but I managed to avoid squinting at George (I asked him to watch for that).

I’m not sure when the shows will be live. I presume, because GAIAM TV runs on a subscription model, that they won’t be free (except for a preview). When they are live I’ll let everyone know.