I just posted the registration page for the next MEMRA module. There will be four courses:

Beginning Biblical Hebrew – roughly 140 HD videos of instruction

Beginning Biblical Greek – roughly 130 videos of instruction

Beginning Biblical Aramaic – roughly 140 videos of instruction

Beginning Ugaritic – Roughly 50 videos of instruction (prior experience with Hebrew is recommended, but not required)

All language courses run an entire year (52 weeks). The material is broken into recommended units, but students can go faster (or slower). Students should expect to commit at least 5 hrs per week to any given course since there is a good deal of memorization involved in learning how to read / translate in an ancient language. All courses are geared for reading / translating knowledge, not aural recognition or speaking (this includes Hebrew and Greek). The coverage of each course is precisely what you’d get if you took a first-year course in these languages in college or seminary.

Here are the important dates:

  • last day of June – discount period for registration ends
  • July 5 – registration closes
  • July 20 – courses begin

See the linked pages above for more information.