I don’t have a whole lot to say on each of these, so I decided to combine them.

As of Monday, I am told that both Unseen Realm and Supernatural will be printed and on pallets at Amazon. Some of you have noticed that Amazon is now permitting pre-orders. That’s true. The dates posted for when the books will ship were created by Amazon. The big launch is the only thing we’re waiting for. Some re-filming for that will happen Monday (I’m in that so I know for sure). This week there will be some meetings to (hopefully) give final approval for the marketing plan/strategy. Pray that these meetings and the re-filming go well.

On the bibliography, it appears that “item input” may be done by month’s end, though that may spill into August a bit. As best I can tell, the bibliography will have roughly 5,000 items in it, around 3,500 of which will exist in PDF. To remind everyone of the bibliography’s flavor, these are (99.9%) peer-reviewed articles and books on subjects covered in The Unseen Realm, which of course lays out what I call the divine council worldview behind the narrative of biblical theology. Once item input is completed, the last stage (and perhaps the longest) begins: adding keyword tags to the items for convenient searching. I may close the Go Fund Me campaign site when item entry is done instead of waiting until tagging is complete. Donors to the project will get more details via email whenΒ  I make that decision.

Lastly, I have a meeting this week that may result in a new project — one that can begin almost immediately thereafter. Should this project become reality, I’ll likely take bids for it (i.e., propose costs). I will need book cover art and possibly editorial expertise. Those of you who have real-world experience in such things should keep an eye out for an update at week’s end or early the following week. If this isn’t to be, I’ll also let everyone know in an update. I’ll have clarity by week’s end.