Okay, it’s a bad pun (are there really any good puns?).

I’ve decided that it’s time for the Naked Bible to weigh in on election. I’ve hinted at this a couple of times, but I figure it’s a good way to have 2010 go out with a bang and start the New Year running. (Yes, I imagine we’ll be into this after Jan 1 turns).

To get us started, please download this PDF file on election terminology. It’s basically a running list of the verses that contain the primary verbiage for election in both testaments (the two major lemmas), along with three other items that I’ll insist you all deal with:

1. The connection (and what is it?) of election language with “before the foundation of the world”

2. Romans 8-11

3. The commands to not fall away due to unbelief in Hebrews 2-6

Here’s what I mean by insisting that these two items be dealt with. Back when I discussed baptism, I made the comment that since the NT connects baptism and circumcision is *some way* (Col. 2:10-12), whatever you want to say about baptism must be true of circumcision. For me, that sends a bunch of positional statements put forth by creeds and denominations into the recycle bin. The usual tactic is to say something about baptism, add a few proof texts, and then question someone’s faith when they don’t agree with the listing and proof texts. We do biblical theology here, not statements of faith.  Same goes for election: Whatever you want to say about election *must* work in regard to these three items, or the position isn’t coherent. For newbies, this is the reason that you may quote a confession to me, but I may say it’s incoherent.