I was alerted to a new scholarly article today on the issue of so-called dinosaur petroglyphs. Here is the citation (the article is free):

Senter and Cole. 2011. “Dinosaur” petroglyphs at Kachina Bridge site, Natural Bridges National Monument, southeastern Utah: not dinosaurs after all. Palaeontologia Electronica 14(1);2A:5p.

The picture of the glyph is pretty poor, but visible (see the other one below). The lines drawings in the article are what I want to draw attention to. It’s very obvious that, *when viewed in context*, the blotches that make up the alleged dinosaur are nothing of the sort. And yet this image is touted by young earth creationists as proof that humans and dinosaurs lived together (the image below is marked by one such site). This is pure intellectual dishonesty. It’s the kind of thing that gives Christianity a bad name. I know many Christians think that the Bible requires simultaneous habitation, due to their view of Genesis and “Leviathan” and “behemoth” in the wisdom literature, but that simply is not the case. There is no such biblical requirement.