I post this not because it has anything directly to do with UFO Religions, but it does bear peripherally on our discussions.

Many alien life enthusiasts (not to mention intelligent design critics in general) are fond of appealing to the assured results of evolutionary biology in their presumption that life in space would = intelligent life on other worlds. It’s a non-sequitur, as any clear-thinking person would know. Existence and cause & effect are two entirely different matters. But now one of the most credentialed geneticists we’re likely ever to see has abandoned common descent — the lynchpin of current evolutionary biology’s consensus for explaining human evolution. Who’s the scientist? Craig Venter. If you follow news on human genetics at all he needs no introduction. Venter bluntly tells us that he doesn’t believe in common ancestry. Nice.

The best part of the link is that Venter says this to Richard Dawkins, the arch-atheist who has made it his business to do his part for Big Brother Science. I wonder when he’ll send the scientific thought police to Venter’s house.