Well, by now a number of you have read the PDF articles from my last post. I want to make a few observations with respect to the first one (Bullard: “The Supernatural Kidnap Narrative in Technological Guise”).

The article does two things, fundamentally: (1) it provides a fairly detailed overview of the abduction experience, and even a bit of its history, and (2) it discusses how reports of this experience overlap with other “supernatural kidnapping” stories of the past. It will be obvious to those who read Bullard’s article that there are a number of parallels between alien abductions and pre-technological “supernatural kidnappings.”

Here is a sampling from the article:

Abduction Experience

Non-Technological Supernatural Kidnap

1. Capture. Strange beings seize and take the witness aboard a UFO.

2. Examination. These beings subject the witness to a physical and mental examination.

3. Conference. A conversation with the beings follows.

4. Tour. The beings show their captive around the ship.

5. Otherworldly Journey. The ship flies the witness to some strange and unearthly place.

6. Theophany. An encounter with a divine being occurs.

7. Return. At last the witness comes back to Earth, leaves the ship, and re-enters normal life. Missing time.

8. Aftermath. Physical, mental, and paranormal aftereffects continue in the wake of the abduction.

1. Fairies, dwarves, and elves capture humans.

2. No real clinical exam, but same “reproductive parasitism” – fairies mate with humans, carry human women to fairy land, exchange their elderly for human babies. Some babies are “hybrids” in that they are fairy-human mix and have unusual powers.

3. Conversations occur at various points.

4. Captives are shown the fairy world.

5. Visit to and from Other World. No mention of flying ships. Mostly subterranean, but other world may be somewhere in the air (but not outer space).

6. Encounter with earth spirits/gods, fairies, spirits of the dead. Supernatural but mortal cohabitants of earth (an under-world).

7. Return with missing time, but typically disproportionate time lapse between the two worlds.

8. (negative) Injuries, dementia; (Positive) psychic abilities or knowledge of the future.


1. Focus on reproduction

2. Dying Planet

3. Prophecies and Warnings

4. Deceit and Indifference

1. “Reproductive parasitism” (Lesser scale than abductions)



4. Deceit and indifference.

Observations and Questions:

1. There are two obvious omissions: the “dying planet” and “apocalyptic warning” theme. With respect to a folklore comparison, we could ask when the “alien experience” in general took up those themes. If you’ve been reading this blog, you know-the late 1940s and 1950s, with the advent of nuclear technology. However, both these themes are part of older theosophical and occult traditions which, as we have seen in previous posts, have significant overlaps with the ET contact and alien abduction narratives.

2. The article also points out that the “dying planet” and “apocalyptic warning” themes also have strong parallels in science fiction literature of the 1950s.

3. If the fairy stories “really” ALSO reflect space alien interventions and contacts (i.e., the fairy stories are attempts by people centuries ago to describe alien contact), why is it that aliens, advanced as they were to come in spaceships BACK THEN lacked modern clinical and surgical procedures for breeding with humans? This is a strange omission if these older stories are really about ETs.

4. Likewise it is strange to not have spaceships in the older fairy stories.

5. If the older stories are about ETs, why do the ETs come from subterranean places, with no mention of coming from outer space?

6. If EITHER narrative is about space aliens, why is paranormal contact (of a “non-outer space” nature – e.g., ghosts) a follow up of the abduction experience?

7. It appears the incongruities between the narratives revolve around advanced technology that we, as moderns in the technological age, would be familiar with. When this is juxtaposed against the greater number of congruent items, it seems as though we have an experience with common features and themes that is played out against “cultural familiarities” or “cultural expectations” at different times. If this was all about space aliens, this would make no sense, since those aliens are supposed to have possessed advanced technology all the way back to our stone age. The point is that, if we are dealing with space aliens here, the pattern should be the same at all points at all times of occurrence (and especially not lacking technological elements) since the perpetrators had such technology at all stages of human history.

8. Number seven in turn suggests that these experiences, if they are perpetrated by a true intelligence, has nothing to do with outer space, but perhaps “inner space” or other dimensional realities. This intelligence (or these intelligences) “adapt” the experience / visitation / mental imagery to the cultural or technological level of the experience.

9. Conversely, if this the experiences through time are all due to sleep paralysis or some other natural stimulation, how is it that the experiencers have so many narrative elements that overlap? Why would someone two centuries ago dream the same narrative elements, often in the same sequence? Is there a part of the brain that governs supernatural kidnapping dreams?

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