I just wanted to post a brief update on the progress of the bibliography. The divine council bibliography project that was the initial focus of the crowd-funding campaign crossed a significant milestone this past week. Amazingly, all the input of bibliographic items/entries is done. There were times I thought I’d never see that day. Granted, the bibliography will keep growing as more things are published, but everything I have in the way of a book or article that I wanted in the bibliography is now in there. I’ve emptied filing cabinets I’ve had over ten years as part of this process. Melissa’s task was to scan much of what I had stored in paper over the years. I’m amazed it’s all history now.

There are 4,800 entries in the bibliography. That number will fluctuate a bit as we catch duplicates. The first step of the process that I gave Dino was to eliminate duplicates, but a lot of items have been entered since then. We’ll still run into duplicates now and then.

The last stage of the project has therefore begun: tagging the entries. No telling how fast or slow this will be, but it’s a huge task. I want people to be able to sort and search entries. Tags are necessary for that. Dino has already begun adding keyword tags based on article title and (as best he can discern) broad content categories. This will be useful to me as well for research (“What do I have on XYZ in here?”). Once the items get tags, that will be a manageable question to answer.