I just wanted to post a short heads up about changes I made tonight over at my divine council site. Many of you have poked around there and know that I had some excerpts from the draft of my book (in process), The Myth That Is True. All that has been taken down, along with the draft of the book from the page on my homepage where it was sold.

The reason for the changes is that I am now under contract for the book. I will be taking substantial time in 2014 to do a revision and some other related projects (that I can’t describe just yet). Part of the contract necessitates removing the material described above.

The only thing that is really “gone” is the draft. The other items have been replaced by material from the Faithlife Study Bible and the Lexham Bible Dictionary (LBD).1 Some of my conference papers are still at the divine council site, along with two journal articles that have been linked on the web by permission.

Frankly, the content is better than what I had there previously. I should have done this a year or so ago. The centerpiece is my LBD article on the divine council. It’s 24 pages long and touches on a variety of facets of the divine council in biblical theology. It’s the longest treatment you’d find on the divine council outside of a book or my dissertation.

  1. If you haven’t downloaded the FSB you should. I did close to 400,000 words of the thing and there is a lot of divine council content in there. The LBD comes with it.