I’m happy to finally be able to announce two new items produced by Logos Bible Software: Faithlife (see About Faithlife) and the Faithlife Study Bible.

Faithlife is a social web community platform that provides far more security than sites like Facebook. It is specifically aimed to help people create groups and communities focused on church relationships, Bible study, small groups, and anything else involving study of the Scriptures. From the website:

Your Faithlife profile connects you with the rest of the Faithlife community, so you’re in touch with your church, friends, and Christian leaders online. Best of all, it’s private—nobody sees your Faithlife profile unless you give them permission.

Readers will recall that, in the past, I’ve used Google groups for things like reading groups here on the Naked Bible. Faithlife didn’t exist then, but it’s my choice now.

The Faithlife Study Bible is a project I’ve been quite involved with. It’s a digital study Bible that has no boundaries — that is, although it has roughly 2.2 million words in it already (1.4 million of those words are the study notes), it will continue to develop and expand.  It’s not bound to book covers. I contributed (I think – just a guess) 300,000 words (Pentateuch, Psalm 82, Proverbs 8, and lots of “sidebar” essays on various topics. including my favorite areas of biblical studies, the unseen world and Israelite religion).

Both these items are FREE. Please join Faithlife as a member. I didn’t know when it would actually launch so, although I have a group feature ready for my MEMRA courses, I may have time to adapt to Faithlife. I will let all those enrolled about that if I get the time to set things up before Module 1 begins.  But for the rest of you, have a look — and make sure to get the study Bible and read about its features. Just go to the study Bible site and put the word “FREE” into the coupon code box.