UFOs – Documenting the Evidence is a worthwhile, data-driven blog for anyone interested in the UFO issue, particularly as it relates to the U.S. government. A recent post entitled “Bombshell Emerges: United States Air Force (USAF) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Investigated UFO Cases Years After Project Blue Book Closed,” juxtaposes the documentary history of USAF denials of UFO interest against a letter (reply) written by Herbert C. Strickland, the Deputy Public Affairs Officer at the Army Aviation Center at Fort Rucker in Alabama. The letter was written on February 20, 1976

Paul Dean, the author of the blog, has scanned images of the letter at the above entry. He remarks:

Quite simply, the contents of Herbert C. Strickland’s letter are extraordinary. Firstly, it is revealed that the USAF is indeed the “agency responsible” for the “investigation” of UFO cases. This goes far beyond a situation where USAF entities had to begrudgingly accept the odd report. Secondly, we learn that “the USAF coordinate their investigation and findings with the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA)…”. Again, we see a clear reference to the “investigation” of UFO’s by the USAF. The added twist, obviously, is that the USAF further “coordinate” their “investigation and findings” with the America’s civil aviation authority, the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA)! We then see additional clarification, in second paragraph of the letter, concerning the investigation of UFO events by the USAF and FAA. Confessed is the fact that “the USAF and FAA accomplish detailed follow–on investigations, if required”. Thirdly, Strickland’s letter also discusses the investigative obligations of the Army Aviation Center. Importantly, we learn that the handling of UFO cases is not part of their mission, and, rather, they only deal with serious aviation accidents and other grave mishaps “which result in damage to property and injury or death of aircraft occupants”. However, Strickland does clearly state that UFO incidents involving Army aircraft “are the responsibility of the unit owning the aircraft involved.”

In addition to the exposure of the USAF’s duplicity, the last line is of interest to me. Readers of my fiction will of course know why.

Please have a look at the link. It’s lengthy and detailed, but worth the time if you have an interest in real documentary evidence about this subject, not contrived documents.