I just wanted to let everyone know in the wake of my interview on Art Bell’s show Monday night, that the special edition of The Facade is now in print. It’s also available in several ebook formats: Vyrso, Kindle, Nook, iBook, Google Play).

I should also mention that the special edition of The Façade is part of Amazon’s new Kindle Matchbook program –  everyone who buys The Facade in print book on Amazon can get the Kindle ebook for just $3. Amazon Prime users get free two-day shipping.

The special edition contains bonus content:

– the story behind The Facade and Mike’s first Coast to Coast AM appearance
– up-to-date annotated bibliographies for the plot elements
the first 5 chapters of the sequel, The Portent

I mention all this specifically because of progress on The Portent. I’ll be finishing the draft of the sequel this weekend (for real). In a nutshell, if you haven’t read The Facade, you’ll get lost in The Portent. It truly is a sequel, not just a second book on similar subject matter. If you haven’t read The Facade yet, now would be a good time to do that so it’s fresh in your mind when The Portent becomes available.

A few hand-picked operatives out there will be reading the draft of The Portent for feedback this month. I’ll be making a last pass, too. Then it’s time to turn in the manuscript to the publisher. That should happen by November 1.