This link will lead you to what is actually Part IV of a series of posts over on Scotteriology. I think the discussions are worthwhile, though I may not agree in all respects with the way things are articualted. Granted, I think certain critical approaches lack coherence and are at times circular in reasoning (and the standard JEDP approach is one example, though I am not a “Moses write all the Torah” guy either). However, I’ve also complained on this blog and elsewhere that the problem really isn’t the critical approach–rather, it’s that many scholars, students, and pastors lack the will to think creatively about how God could still be very much in the process of the composition and editing of the Scriptures. We too often think of inspiration as a series of divine encounters (“zapping” the writer, as I like to put it) as opposed to Providential oversight of known (and expected) means of producing documents in the ancient world.

Hope you’ll give his posts a read!