Okay, I’m not a physicist, so there’s going to be an enthusiasm gap from the get-go. Still, I guess that the new “discovery” (if that’s an accurate label; still seems to be some level of uncertainty there) of the Higgs-Boson “God particle” is truly important. But the holy grail of physics? I’d think the holy grail would discovering what produced the “God particle,” not the fact that this particle is apparently what gives all other particles their mass (maybe readers can follow this explanation; it didn’t help me much). But that’s just me, I guess. I’d still want to know where the particle came from.

The name is pretty unfortunate, too. It gives the impression to people that the particle is the cause of the universe — that thing that explains the Big Bang — but it isn’t. The term is only meant as an analogy, not a substitute for deity (though some will think that way, ignoring what the physicists are actually saying).

And I’m betting that enterprising physicists will soon come up with something it doesn’t explain. Then they’ll have to come up with another name that will draw headlines. How about the Elvis particle? The Oprah particle? Even better … the Obama particle! You heard it here first.