Just a heads up – the good folks at Coast to Coast AM have scheduled me to be on the show the night of Thursday, December 20. I’m naturally relieved that I’ll get to be on the show again before the world ends the next day. The topic will be apocalypticism, and so we’ll be chatting about the Mayan Doomsday hype, millennialism, and assorted other beliefs related to end times.¬†Anyone who follows my Naked Bible blog will know that I take a dim view of popular Christian eschatology, so that will no doubt come up. Should be fun!

How does this relate to the sequel to my paranormal, theological thriller, The Facade? Well, not only will I be talking about the sorts of things I don’t believe have validity when it comes to the topic, but I’m suspecting that I may tread into what I do think — specifically, how certain Christian end times beliefs could be used by an intelligent evil to crush and demoralize Christianity. The vulnerability of Christianity to its own slavish thinking is a thread that runs through the sequel, The Portent. We’ll see how much of that I get into. At any rate, I’ll be getting into a good bit of that at the upcoming Future Congress 2 (Jan 4-6, 2013) during my second talk. If you attend, please introduce yourself!