The anomalous nature of me being on Coast to Coast AM discussing this topic will make sense once you hear the date. I’ve blogged here in the past (at length) about how an obsession with prophecy is a waste of time — and I stand by that. So who better to discuss apocalypticism and popular end times weirdness than yours truly?

The folks at Coast to Coast AM have scheduled me for the show the night of Thursday, December 20, the night before the world ends. A nice touch, and I thank them for both their generosity and timing. I haven’t checked this for accuracy (just like popular prophecy teachers), but I think this is either my 21st or 22nd appearance on the show . . . 21? the day the world ends . . . 22? the first day of the new age? . . . spooky. Where’s Jonathan Cahn when I need him to make sense of it all?

We’ll be chatting about the Mayan Doomsday hype (just in time), millennialism, and assorted other beliefs related to end times, including the odd sorts of things popular Christian writers make piles of cash on (what another blog termed “fearporn”). Should be fun!