On the cover of The Portent (as was the case with The Facade before it) tells readers that the content elements of the storyline are all real. Some folks might think that’s just marketing. It isn’t.

Since the release of The Portent this past August, several content elements have made the news. I’ve listed them below. Those of you who subscribed to my newsletter years ago know that I did the same thing with The Facade. I write faction, folks. I’m not exaggerating when I tell hosts in interviews that it takes me a solid year to do the research for a novel. They’re like a thesis.

From the NASA website: Materials Manufactured from 3D Printed Synthetic Biology Arrays

  • Synthetic biology would make alien life real, but bogus.

Aryan mythology and Bethlehem (“Nazi Secret Enclave could be the real birthplace of Jesus)

  • You’ve all heard that the Nazis wanted to deny Jesus was a Jew. How they (scholars who were sympathetic to the idea) argued that is part of The Portent.

Nazi ‘Nuclear Weapons’ Complex Discovered In Austria.

Roswell, German UFOs, and FOIA documents on the U.S. Army Website(Why the U. S. Army Hunted for UFOs after W. W. II“)

  • This sort of stuff part of the plot of both books

Editing DNA

  • Sounds good … until you understand its role in transhumanism and what that really means.

Demographics and ancient DNA

  • Because migrations are a big part of origins mythologies.

All that and much more … and of course ancient texts and biblical theology.

If you want to read some fiction that doesn’t insult your intelligence, read The Portent (after The Facade, as The Portent is its sequel).