This week’s trivia contest has a bit of a different twist. Instead of giving away a copy of the special edition of The Façade (which is still available on preorder here) I thought I would give you the chance to decide what you want to win.

As readers may recall, I am releasing The Façade with a new publisher called Kirkdale Press, and am very excited about this new partnership. To celebrate, this week’s winner gets their pick of any Kirkdale Press book as their prize. Their catalog includes titles such as The Front Line, a book on the power of prayer, and the legal thriller The Lotus Keeper. Be sure to take a look at the rest of their titles here, since the winner gets to pick any title.

QUESTION: In The Façade, Major Lindsay talks of a secret military program that was initiated under President Truman. Name that program and who was recruited for it. (Note: there are three elements to a fully correct answer).

Post your answer as a comment. The first correct response wins!