This is a post worth reading (including of course the original source post by Tony Bragalia) if for no other reason than it is illustrative of the “all or nothing” thinking on the alien (by conservative Christians) that I have cautioned about (here is part one of ten on that). Naturally, there’s a good deal of black-and-white thinking on the other side as well.

I hope in reading the full essay you can excuse the typical, mind-numbing tropes about the religious right. Want to know what’s scarier than the religious right? The fascist progressive left that is now in power. Want concrete examples? How about 30+ appointed (and so, un-elected) czars, dispensing with the sunset regulations on the Patriot Act, key pieces of bureaucratic control achieved by cleverly circumventing the Legislative Branch, and a full 60% of the American economy now directly under the authority of the Executive Branch (wasn’t it Congress to whom the Constitution gives the power of the purse?).  Oh, and then there’s the creation of a financial deficit amount larger than the cumulative deficit of the country’s entire history from George Washington to Ronald Reagan. That’s change we can believe in. And net neutrality and cap-and-tax yet to come! Kiss the first amendment on the Internet (and everything else communicated over the web regardless of point of origin) goodbye if that goes through (try reading the proposals, not listening to the talking heads). Yes, the left is so enlightened and beneficent. Bless their pointed little heads.

For a lesson in intellectual history, you should all read The Road to Serfdom and Liberal Fascism. They describe the American future under the Leftist elites. It is the Left that is most palpably opposed to individual freedom. I’d rather have a genuine Jesus-driven politician than a genuine Mao/Che/Chavez-driven politician any day.  Historically speaking (evidence available to anyone with a pulse and who can read), socialist Marxism has caused more human suffering in the history of the world than any other force, hands down.

But read the article to get back on subject.